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Time Machine Trip to February 1908

February 7, 1908
The North-Western Railway Company which has been laying off men by the score during the past sixty days has been taking them back this week. Since the heavy snow storm, a week ago they have had work for all that want employment. With the mills all running with full crews and with the railroad men all at work there is a feeling in the air that prosperous times have again returned.

King Carlos of Portugal and the Crown Prince Lutz Phillippe were shot to death in Lisbon Saturday as they sat in the royal carriage, by a band of revolutionists.

Savannah, Mo., - William Young barely escaped being buried alive, regaining consciousness only an hour before the time for the funeral. A physician said the man was dead and the body was prepared for burial by an undertaker and placed in a casket. Mourners had assembled for the burial when Rev. McLaughlin went to the room where the corpse lay and detected a twitching of a muscle. He summed the physician, who found Young still alive. When the preacher announced the funeral would be delayed Young was sitting up in his coffin and was seen by those in the next room.

February 14, 1908
Kaukauna has the only sawmill in the U.S. that is operated by electricity. It belongs to the Kaukauna Lumber and Manufacturing Company and is attracting attention all over the country. The mill is in daily operation and saws from 10,000 to 20,000 ft. per day. It is the first instance on record where electricity has been successfully harnessed for the operation of a circular saw. Nearly a year was required to get the power working satisfactorily.

The “last of the Pottawatomie’s” is gone and probably never again will the members of the tribe see a characteristic tribal funeral. Kack-Kack was buried last week with all the honors due to his age and condition. This ceremony has not been employed for many years and it is likely never will be again.

The big passenger engine that pulled a train into Green Bay had an unusual experience Monday night. It had been uncoupled and left in the yard but in some way started up and backed out on to the track bound for DePere. When its absence was discovered word was sent to DePere of the run-away train. The night operator saw the engine coming and let it onto a sidetrack where it bumped into some box cars, little damage was done.

The Green Bay diocese announced the appointment of Rev. Monsignor P. J. Lochman to become the pastor of the Holy Cross congregation at Kaukauna on February 16.

Louis Hoffman, a farmer residing two miles south of New London has discovered buried treasure, estimated at $30,000 under a tree in his orchard. Hoffman is jealously guarding all details of his find in order to be able to locate the real owner of the money. A host of claimants have appeared with various claims. Where the money came from is a mystery. 

February 21, 1908
If you are a member of the Roman Catholic Church you cannot enter into an engagement to marry which will be binding in the eyes of the church unless the engagement is contracted in writing, witnessed by the bishop or pastor of the diocese and signed by at least two witnesses. The new rule with a number of others governing marriage in the church will take effect Easter Sunday, April 19.

February 28, 1908
The fuse of an interurban car of the Green Bay Traction company burned out Monday night between Green Bay and DePere and 150 society people returning from Green Bay after witnessing "The Red Mill" were forced to wait until 4 a.m. before the damage was repaired. A heavy sleet storm was in progress and a few dared to venture out in it. Many persons fell asleep while waiting. Several men braved the storm and walked to DePere, two miles, and secured carriages and returned and drove their wives and sweethearts home.

Charging that he has been injured in his reputation the Rev. Hall of Kaukauna has started a damage suit against the Appleton Evening Crescent for $10,000. The case being brought upon an article published in the newspaper in which it was charged that Hall had been removed from his pastorate because of the excessive use of liquor.

The vault clerk of the United States treasury called attention to the almost incredible growth of the business of the treasury. The United States is now the wealthiest nation in the world with a per capita per citizen wealth in 1907 of $1,310.11.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Time Machine Trip to February 1955

February 2, 1955
Master Sergeant John Kramer is visiting his parents on Sarah street. He has been in the Air Force for the past 12 years and will be leaving for France on February 18.

Pvt. Marvin R. Hietpas is home on a 14-day furlough after completing basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. He will be returning there for additional training.

The Kaukauna Common Council Tuesday night approved the reducing the width of the sidewalks on 2nd street from 12 feet to 8 feet. This change will add 8 feet to the width of 2nd street.

Before a packed house of wild Kaukauna partisans at the KHS gym the Ghosts defeated the Menasha Bluejays by a score of 71-68. The Friday night game was one of the hottest and closest scoring fracases the Kaus have encountered this season. Kaukauna had the usual five starters on the floor against Menasha, Jim Otte serving at pivot, Ray Vils and Joe Van Linn as forwards and Mike Walsh and Jim Rausch as guards. Dan Rausch, Cal Engerson, Ron Welch, Don Ristau and Bruce Kemp will fill in as needed.

Kenneth Schumann, Wisconsin Ave., Kaukauna, enlisted in the Air Force on January 17. He is stationed at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonia, Texas.

The roster of wrestlers who will take part in the Lion sponsorship matches at the KHS gym were released. The “pride of Oconto County” Little Atlas at 190 pounds will tangle with Doug Henderson, a 185 pounder from Dallas, Texas. The second match will be between Carol Cook, of Toledo, Ohio and Lynn Livingston of Webster, New York, two rugged wrestlers.
February 9, 1955
A Kaukauna youth, Clifford Hook, Desnoyer street, was included among the eight men of Outagamie county inducted into the armed forces in February.

February 11, 1955
Green Bay Packer Coach Lisle Blackbourn announced the Packers will select players in the 1954 crop of college players that will fill positions weakened by retirement and by the draft of the armed forces. The Packer’s first pick was Tom Bettis offensive guard next pick was Jim Temp, of Wisconsin, who played offense and defense.

Webelo’s awards, highest honor in cub scouting, were awarded to Richard Swanningson and Pat Ryan who appear with their mothers and Mervin Hansen cub scout master of Pack 27 at St. Mary’s Scout-O-Rama and Blue and Gold dinner. 

Dale Siebers and Robert Greenwood shown with their parents received the Eagle Scout badges.

February 16, 1955
The Kaukauna Saving and Loan association re-elected all officers at its recent annual meeting. They are C. J. Hansen, president; W. C. Hess, vice president; Leo H. Schmalz, secretary, treasured and manager.

Pvt. Earl T. Jacoby, W. 5th street, Kaukauna, left recently for Fort Sill, Okla., where he is stationed with the army. 

February 23, 1955
Keith Head

The Wisconsin and northern Michigan Golden Gloves championship were held at the Milwaukee Arena. Keith Head of Kaukauna took on John Ruskis of Escanaba, Michigan in the 160 to 175 class. Ruskis who is quite a bit taller than Head and had a reach advantage gave the Kaukaunan some difficulty in the opening rounds connecting with a right to the nose of Head in the second round that made the blood flow. Head’s hammering blows in the second had the Escanaba boy holding on as the bell sounded. Head’s TNT loaded fists had Ruskis backing up the rest of the fight. Giving the Kaukauna boy the win.

Pvt. Theodore L. Tilly, route 3, Kaukauna, is home on leave and will leave for Aberdeen, Md., where he is now stationed with an ordnance company.  

February 25, 1955
The Green Ghosts of Kaukauna’s Holy Cross School last Saturday became the uncontested champions of the City Grade School basketball league as they round up the season undefeated in none starts. The lads trained under the coaching of Dave Flanagan and Robert Main. St. Mary’s from the south side were the second-place winners, Trinity Lutheran came in third with a 3-6 record and Park took the cellar spot with but two wins.  

The Holy Cross grade school Basketball team – Front row left to right are Gary Vanevenhoven, Gary Senso, Dan Lamers, Cyril Vander Horst and Ed Leiding, the regular starters for the cagers. In the back row are Fred Steger, Don Frank, Howard Mullen, Mike Coffey, Jim Martzahl, Bill Welch, Jerry Coffey, Paul Martzahl, Jim Steger and Coach Dave Flanagan. 

 1955 Buick Super

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Time Machine Trip to February 1918

February 1, 1918
“Talk will not win the war. We must do all we can to support the government, it is not time to be a Republican or Democrat.”  Declared Rev. F.X. Van Nistelroy in an excellent talk before the Kaukauna Knights of Columbus Tuesday evening. “Every American must do his best if the war is to be won. The German Bismarck is to blame for the war as he deliberately waged war on Denmark and France to obtain land. The German people are not to blame for the war as they are a peace-loving people.”

The portion of the city, formerly called “Over the Marsh,” is lining up with the rest of the community in the matter of modernism with the Electric Department having made its first connections in the that section.

Fred S. Kriger, teacher at the Kaukauna High school, has passed the necessary examination and has been enlisted in the aviation section of the Army.

Germans and Austrians can’t get Naturalization papers during the war. Eleven applications have been approved by Judge Werner in circuit court.

Nels P. V. Sorenson – Denmark
Cornelius Socters – Netherlands
John Vander Wielen – Netherlands
Martin Wyngaard – Netherlands
Emil Giordana – Italy
Marinus Van Padus – Netherlands
Frank Emil Ailio – Russia
Johannus Venwymeier – Netherlands
Albert E. Herman – Canada
Peter J. VandenBrand – Netherlands
Ferdinand Ziesman - Russia

February 8, 1918
Anger over the sinking of the ship on which their pals were going to France and grim determination to avenge them made the Kaukauna soldiers not cheer at stops as they traveled east by train to join the war.

The Fox River will be made the most dependable power-producing waterway in the United States. The power produced each year will amount to a savings of 29,000 tons of coal, costing $100,000 if the plan worked out by Major Tompkins of the United States Engineer’s office is approved by congress. 

The Kaukauna council approved an increase in salary to utilities Supt. W. B. Montgomery’s salary from $125 to $150 per month. The Mayor - $500 per year
City Clerk - $1,500 per year
City Treasurer - $500 per year
Assessor - $500 per year
City Attorney - $450 per year
City physician - $180 per year
Fire Chief - $150 per year
Chief of Police - $1320 per year
Patrolmen - $1020 per year

Thus far about twenty-five German alien enemies have registered at the two Kaukauna post offices and it is expected that about twice this number will have registered by Saturday.

February 15, 1918

The Gantter-Bedat-Knauf-Tesch company of Kaukauna shipped a carload of clover seed to Chicago last week which was valued at $10,000. This is the first car of seed ever ship out of Kaukauna but not the last as this firm is bent on taking advantage of the present high price of clover.

The plan to increase the water power production of the Fox River and make it dependable in all seasons of the year was heartily approved of by the Fox River Valley Water Power Users association at Appleton Thursday.

Frank and John Hermsen, brothers from Little Chute, left Wednesday for Vancouver, Washington, having enlisted in the engineer corps. They received a sweater and comfort kit each from the Kaukauna and Little Chute Red Cross for all of these  boys we are  grateful.

February 22, 1918
A fire broke out at the Lindauer garage on the south side at 8 o’clock this morning. About $10,000 worth of automobiles and motor trucks were saved from destruction. Edward Lucht, employed at the garage noticed the fire near the coal fire. The fire department had the flames under control in a short time.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Time Machine Trip to February 1988

February 2, 1988
The Fox River Management Commission members yesterday voted to operate at least a portion of the Fox River’s navigation system this summer and then concluded that they will have to look for federal and state money to continue its operation.

The Kaukauna High School varsity girls’ basketball team Thursday cleared another hurdle in route to the Ghosts’ dream of capturing the 1987-88 Fox Valley Association championship. They steamrolled past Appleton East, 57-25 making for number nine win without a loss. 

Officials of the Corps of Engineers’ Detroit district have indicated that no construction of a sea lamprey barriers is planned for the Rapide Croche Dam until there are further talks with the State of Wisconsin and federal money becomes available. 

Ralph Bastian, owner and operator of Bastian’s Variety Store in Kaukauna for over 40 years, passed away Friday morning. He was born in Brillion 78 years ago and was a Kaukauna resident most of his life.  

It’s sort of like Christmas here at the TIMES the past few days. The reason being we have a new computer system in place. The news people now have new touch type machines with green colored screens while the ad people have the machines with a little multi colored fruit on the side.

February 4, 1988
Charles Lamine, the principal planner for the City of Oshkosh has been selected as Kaukauna’s new city planner. The appointment was announced by Mayor Ron Van De Hey. 

February 9, 1988
The varsity wrestling team from Kaukauna High School got a little revenge of sorts when the Ghosts defeated Kimberly to polish off an undefeated regular season Thursday evening, winning an outright Fox Valley Association championship in the process. The Ghosts. Coached by Don Kilgas, concluded the 1987-88 FVA competition with a perfect 7-0 record. Last year they tied with Kimberly then lost to Kimberly in a final match.

The Kaukauna Area School District is one of three school districts in Wisconsin recognized for its outstanding alcohol and other drug abuse program by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 

February 11, 1988

Sara Biese made sure there was no way the Kaukauna Ghosts were going to let a sole conference title slip away. The Ghosts varsity girls’ basketball squad earned their first ever Fox Valley Association league crown and the first championship in basketball since a 1941 clipping Neenah 54-33 in Kaukauna. Sara connected for 26 points in the game. The 6-foot one junior finished as the game’s top scorer. The Ken Vander Velden coached Kaukauna team will now start WIAA Class A tournament action.   

February 23, 1988

Robin Leick, Kaukauna, has been selected as a finalist in the 17th annual Wisconsin National Teenager pageant being hosted by Carrol College in Waukesha in June. Miss Leick, age 15, is a freshman student at Kaukauna High School.

February 25, 1988

Josh Miller will become the first sophomore from Kaukauna High School to complete in the WIAA state wrestling tournament when he participates in the 45th annual event. He will carry a 21-8 season record into the opening round in the 167-pound division of Class A.

Among the 78 young men making up the U.S. Navy’s USS Wisconsin Special Recruit Company are Robert E. Kobussen and William J. Rabideau of Kaukauna. Both are 1987 graduates of Kaukauna High School. They will represent their state throughout the next 4-6 years, while assigned to duty aboard the USS Wisconsin.

1987-1988 Boys’ Varsity Wrestling Team - Front row, left to right, Eric DeLeeuw, Keith Quella, Chad Karl, Tony Verhasselt. Second row, Paul Stumpf, Brad Van Schyndel, Kevin Kloehn, Jay Fiers, Mike Maes and Matt Lemke. Back row, Chris Lemke, Brian Sanderfoot, Josh Miller, Mark Weyenberg, Eric Koller, Jim Lamers and Head Coach Don Kilgas.

Top finishers in the state forensics meet at the end of January were Chris Haen, Sara Hanaway, Subha Chatterjee, Shannon Brogan and Lance Lochner. The five took third in the State Debate Tournament at UW Stevens Point, defeating eight other teams in the process. 

Ten Cub Scouts from St. Aloysius Pack 104 received the Parvuli Dei religious award on February 7. Left to right are Steve Verhagen, Cory Wittman, Ray Halbach, Matt Beno and Brian Vanevenhoven: back row, Jason Schmidt, David Pahl, Justin Tennessen, Richard Joyce and Corey Van Kauwenberg.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Time Machine Trip to February 1948

February 4, 1948
A burning automobile was a call for the fire department Friday morning. Robert Courtney, Blackwell street, driver of the car told the fireman that the car caught on fire from a backfire. The automobile is owned by his sister, Miss Margaret Courtney.

Capt. Frank Grogan, Kaukauna, left last week for Seattle, Wash., where he will embark for Tokyo, Japan.

The judgment of foreclosure on the Electric City Brewing company was approved by Judge Schmiege. The figures disclosed was $24,438.50.

Victor Haen, Jr. and James Wolf were inducted as bobcats at the monthly meeting of Cub Pack 27 held Thursday night at St. Mary’s church hall.


      Cliff Hinkens                              Don Lemke

Kaukauna high school basketball team scored their fifth victory in the N.E.W. Conference Friday night. The Ghosts beat the jinx of never having beat Neenah twice in one season defeating Neenah 39-38 before a small crowd at the KHS gymnasium. The speedster Cliff Hinkens gave a good accounting by scoring 19 points. Don Lemke Kaws’ hustling forward must not go unheralded for his sparking play against the Rockets.   

February 6, 1948
Sergeant Robert Pankratz, in charge of recruiting in Kaukauna, announced today that two Kaukauna men enlisted for three years. Pvt. Robert L. Stutzman, Corps of Engineers and Pvt. Myron J. Arnoldussen, Airborne.     

February 11, 1948
Norbert Henry Jackels, Kaukauna, enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve according to a release from the Marine Corps recruiting office at Green Bay. He is assigned to the Ninth Marine Corps reserve headquarters in Chicago Ill.

Theodore M. Hermans, High Street, Kaukauna, has re-enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps for a period of three years. Hermans is a six-year veteran serving as a platoon sergeant with the Second Marine Division in the Pacific theater. 

February 13, 1948

Dale E. Andrews was elected president of the Kaukauna Advancement association replacing the retiring Carl R. Runte.

Remember when a couple dollars in your pocket made you feel like a third cousin to John D. Rockerfeller? Those days are gone forever. One south side grocer contends that since 1942 the dollar has lost 50 per cent of its value. Any business that has not increased by 50 per cent in the last five years is running behind schedule.

Yesterday was the 139th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. Kaukauna has no surviving members of the Grand Army of the Republic, but we do have a local resident who lived during the last eight years of Lincoln’s life – H. S. Cooke, who will celebrate his 92nd birthday in June of this year. In an interview, Mr. Cooke stated he did not recall the death of Lincoln. He did however remember that a great tragedy had occurred in the nation at that time.

Coach Fred Barribeau of the Kaukauna boxing team greeted 43 candidates Wednesday in the high school gymnasium as the squad prepared to launch training for another successful season. Barribeau said this year’s turnout was less than the prospects reporting this time last year when 60 young men were out to seek ring honors.

February 18, 1948
Although the championship was securely in their grasp, Holy Cross parochial school displayed little mercy toward Trinity Lutheran Saturday morning pounding out a 48-11 triumph. Richard Giordana of Holy Cross was again high point man dropping in 10 points. Jahns led the feeble offensive at Trinity with four points. Giordana carved himself a niche in Kaukauna sports being the runaway individual scorer in grade school basketball with 117 points.

T. H. Boebel, superintendent of schools will be chairman of the 1948 Red Cross drive which will be conducted here March 1 to 31. The goal of $2,400 has been set a sum equal to that raised in 1947. 

February 20, 1948
If rabbits have been eating your garden in spring, the Rod and Gun club may have a solution for your problem. The club plans to conduct a rabbit catching contest. Members will build rabbit traps next summer and will attempt to get citywide interest to catch rabbits. The rabbits will be released in the country where they can grow fat for hunters next fall.

February 25, 1948
Pfc. Betty J. Hawley, stationed with the WAC Detachment at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is now the filing clerk at Post Headquarters. Hawley reenlisted in June 1947 after serving three years in the military. 

February 27, 1948
The new base rate wage for women at Thilmany Pulp and Paper Company is now 98c per hour an increase of three cents an hour. The base rate for men is $1.11 per hour. This pay wage increase applies to about 1,100 hourly paid employees.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Time Machine Trip to February 1899

February 3, 1899
The river rapids at this point have frozen over this week, for the first time since the winter of 1893-94. The mercury has been fluctuating between 20° above and 30° below zero this week the coldest in many years.

Richmond. Va. - The birthday of Gen. Robert E. Lee was celebrated in all the leading cities Thursday by the societies of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States and Daughters of the Confederacy. In most cities business was suspended in honor of the day.

While a force of men was at work at Calmalli, California, laying out a race track, one of them unearthed a heavy piece of metal. They discovered it to be a gold bar stamped with Spanish markings. The brick is worth about $1000.

Joseph Vacher, the French “Jack the Ripper,” was guillotined at Bourghon-Brease, the other morning. Vacher, was twenty-nine years old, and was condemned to death in October. He was known to have brutally murdered four boys, six young women and girls and then an aged widow. His crimes surpassed the number of those of the Whitechapel murderer known as “Jack the Ripper.

February 10, 1899

It’s cold down south, a snowball fight on the steps of the state capital in Florida.

People have, of late, had a pretty good taste of cold weather that has not been experienced for many years. For the past fourteen days the average temperature has been twelve degrees below with the coldest reaching twenty-seven below.

A man in Iowa who was too stingy to subscribe for his home paper sent his young boy to a neighbor to borrow one. As the boy was coming home he fell down and broke his leg. The father heard his cries went out to get him. The house caught fire while he was gone and was totally destroyed with a loss $2,000 and no insurance.

The dread disease, small-pox, has made its appearance in Appleton. Two cases have been discovered and it is fearful that there will be more. 

Bishop Messmer reports a great deal of sickness among the Catholic clergy of the Green Bay diocese. There are a number of places vacant for the time being sick with no extra priest to put in their places. The grip seems to be the prevailing disease.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Merritt Black commence this week moving into the home which is now nearly finished. Mr. Black has studied many of the best known recently constructed homes making the plans for his home. The house is constructed of solid rock, faced and cut from his own quarry. At the front corner there is a circular tower three stories in height.

At the Kaukauna common council meeting held Tuesday a motion was adopted and approved to draft an ordinance to remove all slot machines from Kaukauna. Saloons where slot machines are located are to get their machines out of town.

Judge Goodland has issued an order allowing an election to be held at Little Chute within sixty days, at which time the electors will vote upon the question of incorporating Little Chute into a village.

February 17, 1899
The ice on Lake Winnebago is thirty-eight inches thick and as clear as crystal. This breaks the record on the lake. A number of years ago, the ice froze to a depth of 33 inches, but then the first three inches were what is termed snow ice. This year the ice is as clear as crystal, and it is an easy matter for one to read a newspaper through the ice even at the present thickness.

February 24, 1899
The job of putting in eleven of the fine stained-glass windows at St. Mary's church, that arrived here a couple of weeks ago from Innsbruck, Austria, was finished last Friday. There are seven in the sanctuary, two in the transept, and two in the body of the church.

The first death as the result of the small-pox cases in Appleton occurred Tuesday morning when seventeen-year-old Pauline Lipski died. She was one of the first victims of the disease and was employed in the rag room of the Telulah mill.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Time Machine Trip to January 1968

January 3, 1968

Packer fanatics from the Heart of the Valley are reliving the historic National Football league championship won in -13-degree weather. First were the delightful delirious last minute 21 to 17 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Then there was their personal triumph over the elements.

Airman First Class James M. Reader, Kaukauna, took part in the recent 10,000-mile airlift of the 101st Airborne Division units to Vietnam – the largest aerial troop deployment in history. Airman Reader is an aircraft mechanic. 

Captain Thomas McAndrews, Kaukauna native, has been awarded the Silver Star for his actions in the Bong Son battle in South Vietnam December 7-8. The U. S. Army 1st Air Cavalry Division, which is Capt. McAndrew’s unit lost approximately 267 men in the battle. In the citation Capt. McAndrews received with his award, the Army cited his exceptionally valorous actions whole serving as company commander during the operation. He had consistently exposed himself to intense enemy fire in directing his unit.

Funeral services were held Thursday for Randy Hietpas, 16, of Appleton, who died as result of an automobile accident December 25. Randy was a junior at Kaukauna High school.

As his proud parents look on, Robin Whitman is presented the highest award in scouting, the Eagle Award, from Scoutmaster Tim Tousey. Robin is a member of Troop 104, Kaukauna.

Charles and Richard Heindel, Brothers street, Kaukauna, were flown to South Vietnam in November as members of the Navel River Assault patrol group located in the area of the Mekong Delta. Word has been received that Richard has been wounded when his boat was hit by a rocket. He has been evacuated to a hospital in Guam.

Robert Grogan, Kaukauna Postmaster, said the post office had received numerous queries from citizens concerning the new postal rate of 6 cents that will go into effect this Sunday, January 7. The question most often asked is the redemption of the old 5 cent stamps. The stamps may be exchanged to the new 6 cent stamp or currency.

January 5, 1968
The Kaukauna high school wrestling team got on to the right track after the holidays with a 24-21 win over Oshkosh Lourdes Wednesday evening at Oshkosh.

January 10, 1968
An explosion followed by a fire burned out of control for about 1 ½ hours early Sunday morning and did extensive damage to the asphalt department room at the Thilmany Pulp and Paper Co. Two fire trucks from Kaukauna were called to the scene and firemen fought the blaze in -24-degree weather. 

Sp. 4 Lawrence Delaney, 21, Kaukauna, is currently serving as a VHF radio operator with the 41st Signal Battalion at the Vung Chua Mountain signal site in Vietnam.   

Bill Jirikowic picked up the 7-10 split at the Bowling Bar last Wednesday evening while bowling in the Knights of Columbus League.

January 17, 1968
Some fifty Kaukauna persons were among the more than 5,000 Packer fans who went to Miami to witness the Green Bay Packers 33 to 14 win over the Oakland Raiders for the World’s Championship in football.

Fred Gerhard, owner of the Hill Top Bakery, is taking count on his nationwide distribution of Honey Houses and looking ahead to a bigger year in 1968. “We shipped out 140,000 units,” Fred says after checking last year’s production which was 80,000 units over 1966.

January 24, 1968

Calvin Spice, Kaukauna, has been elected to a one-year term as president of the Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association in Milwaukee last week. Spice is a former Outagamie County sheriff and is currently serving as undersheriff. Spice was a Kaukauna policeman and later an Outagamie County traffic patrolman. 


Kaukauna’s newest arrival and winner of the Kaukauna Merchants’ First Baby Contest is Ann Marie Kortz. Ann Marie was born January 3 at 11:05 p.m. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. William Kortz, 20th Street, Kaukauna.

January 26, 1968

Incumbent Mayor Gilbert Anderson has filed his nomination papers for the April election. Anderson’s opposition consists of Alderman Russel Dix.

January 31, 1968
The Outagamie Selective Service has inducted a total of 23 men into the Army in the month of January including five Kaukaunans.  Gerald J. Arts, James A. Kempf, Marlin G. Geurts, Ronald N. Gonnering and William R. Schiefelbein. 

Bob and Bill Sachs, with a 834 two game series, were the winners of the Father-Son bowling tournament held at the Bowling Bar by the Kaukauna Recreation Department.