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Time Machine Trip to November 1949

Kaukauna Times - by Lyle Hansen

November 2, 1949
The Boys Who Did It – Here are the huskies who carried the brunt of the Kaukauna High School attack this year and gave the Ghosts the NEW title and another undefeated year. In the top row are Bob Roloff, Doug George and Dave Zwick. Middle row are Mark Schommer, Hark Hough, Dave Stuiber and Jerry Klarer. Bottom row Pat Lehman, Dick Myrhum and Jerry Kroll. 

November 4, 1949
While doing a little fall work in his garden recently Julius “Dutch” Seiberlich, west Sixth Street, unearthed a bit a buried treasure. The article discovered was a badge in the form of a star, the word “Alderman” printed across the center of the badge and around it the words “City of Kaukauna”. John Coppes, Dodge street, was asked if he remembered when the Kaukauna alderman wore badges. He replied “Sure I do. I wore one myself.” Being elected alderman in the year 1897, it was given to the alderman giving them the authority to make arrests or at least break up fights.”

Petitions for police salary increases of $15 and firemen’s salary increases of $25 monthly, were received by Kaukauna City Council.

November 9, 1949
The Green Bay Packer band, under the direction of Wilner Burke, will present a concert and vaudeville show at 8:00 this evening in the Kaukauna High School auditorium for the benefit of the Kaukauna Hospital fund. The Rotary club of Kaukauna is sponsoring the appearance of the band here. All proceeds will be donated to the fund.

Packer Twirler Awarded Medal - Wilner Burke, director of the Green Bay packer band, awards a medal to Miss Dolores Vander Loop of Kaukauna in recognition of her outstanding work with the band.

There has been a lot of argument back and forth this season on whether the Green Bay Packer football team should stay in Green Bay or be moved to Milwaukee. Of course, most fans in this area want the team to remain in Green Bay. Bill Corum, New York columnist, wrote last week: “Great as Green Bay is as a team, loyal as the fans of the little town are, it can’t go on indefinitely being a big-league city it isn’t. Big city teams who draw a big gate at home do not like to play in Green Bay. New York has not played there for some years now and others are likely to take the same attitude.”

November 11, 1949
Cadet Donald A. Roloff of Kaukauna has been appointed a corporal in the United States Corps of Cadets at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. Before being appointed to the Military Academy, Roloff served two years in the Air Force where he attained the rank of Sergeant.

Four Kaukauna Gridiron stars were chosen to the 1949 All-NEW league team by the league coaches. At the top are Pat Lehman and Mark Hoegh unanimous choices. In the bottom row are Dick Myrhum and Bob Roloff.

November 16, 1949
Postmaster Robert Grogan stated yesterday the old rate post card of one-and-one-half cent cannot be delivered this year. The new rate is two cents a postcard. 

November 23, 1949
Phil Haas, Kaukauna’s contribution to the Lawrence College football team paced his teammates in just about every offensive department during the year. The triple threat star headed the Vikings in rushing, passing and kicking. 

November 25, 1949
The body of Mrs. George Hermsen, 60, was found in the living room of her farm home on Maloney Road about two miles north of Kaukauna Wednesday night. She died as result of a stab wound. Sheriff Andrew Schiltz was directing a search for Robert Tracy, 29, Kaukauna, her son-in-law, who was believed to be at the home at the time the death took place.

1949 Chevrolet

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Time Machine Trip to November 1939

The Kaukauna Times - By Lyle Hansen
November 1, 1939
Kaukauna will have a new paper manufacturing business to be known as the Outagamie Mills, Inc. The company was organized by Appleton and Kaukauna persons and will do business in Kaukauna, making and selling paper products. The new Kaukauna corporation will occupy the old Patten mill building.

Traffic accidents during September cost 83 Wisconsin lives according to the highway commission reports. This represents an increase of six over 1938. For the first nine months of 1939 the traffic toll is 584 lives.  

Fifty years ago, 1889 the first paper manufactured by the Thilmany mill rolled off its new No. 1 machine.

November 3, 1939
Green Bay – Will the Packers be able to stop four of the most sought after backs in the National Professional league, who form the famed “powerhouse” attack of the Chicago Bears? The two clubs meet next Sunday at Wrigley field in Chicago. This is the question on the minds of all Green Bay fans and more particularly Packer Coach Curly Lambeau.

Japan is purchasing Wisconsin cheese. Such an order came recently from the American embassy in Tokyo, Japan. The order was for two and one-half pounds each of Wisconsin American, Swiss and Limburger cheese.

The bow and arrow bag of deer during the present season still stands at three according to the Wisconsin Conservation department. Even at that figure it sets a new record for a single season. The previous high mark for a single season was one.

Coach Paul Little’s high school grid machine left no doubt in anybody’s mind about the western division championship of northeastern Wisconsin conference when they scored an impressive 31 to 13 win over West DePere Wednesday for their sixth straight league win. 

Bottom row, left to right, Billy Baeten, asst. Manager, Eugene Kelly, Sylvester Stuiber, John Rieth, Charles Jansen, Mike Niesen, Nick Steffens, Joe McGowan, Henry, Ashe, Bob Smith, Tom McCarty; Second row, Harry Watson, manager Ivan Schatzka, George Steffens, Bill Ranquette, Phelen Female, Jack Mainville, Steve Andrejeski, Ray Hurst, Joe Regenfuss, Ralph Doering, Herman Franz, Elroy Aerts, asst. manager: Third row, Coach Paul Little, Carl Giordana, Leo Rohan, John Velte, John Wandell, Bill Alger, Leo Wolf, Charles Wagner, Robert Wodjenski, Bill Van Leishout, Marvin Janssen, James Santkuyle, Guy Krumm, asst. coach; top row, Bob Danner, Joe De Goey, Herbert Wittmann, Bill Dryer, James Helf, Ralph Mooney, Elder Stanelle, John Kramer, Calvin Spice, Harold Stuiber, Clifford Kemp, asst. coach.  

The Nicolet grade school gridders defeated the Park school eleven 14 to 2 Monday afternoon at Park School.  The Nicolet girls had defeated Park girls in a baseball game by the score of 45 to 10.

November 8, 1939
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilpolt of Kaukauna were listening to a National Broadcasting radio program Tuesday evening during which $1,000 is given away each week by telephone. When the time came for awarding the money, Mrs. Wilpolt remarked that “anyone in the United States can win.” Just then the telephone rang, and she answered it. The voice on the other end was from New York and from the radio program and was informed that they had won $2,800 and the money would be sent to the western union office in Appleton.

November 10, 1939
A bumper crop of gasoline taxes is being harvested this year by the federal and state governments. The total value of this tax may exceed $1,000,000,000 by the end of the year.

All cigarette, cigarette papers and cigarette tubes in the possession of retailers after November 13 which do not bear a state tax stamp will be subject to confiscation according to the Wisconsin treasurer.

The Kaukauna police department this week is discontinuing the practice of housing transients, James E. McFadden, police chief announced. Heretofore, the doors of the jail room in the municipal building were thrown open to the knights of the open road. They came in droves and every night of the week saw up to 15 “overnight guests” housed at the jail.

November 15, 1939
Bill Alger and Carl Giordana were elected co-captains of next season’s grid team. Giordana and Alger have been regulars on the team the last three years. Giordana is a halfback and Alger and end. Both are rated as a couple of the best football players to ever don a Kaw uniform. 

The Wisconsin state committee on water pollution says that data collected from dissolved oxygen samples at DePere and the mouth of the Fox river clearly show that these waters could not support fish life at time of warm temperatures.  The report says that the Fox River will remain in its present highly polluted condition throughout its entire length from Appleton to Green Bay.

The first 300 game ever rolled on the Kaukauna alleys was hung up by Charles Schell Tuesday afternoon. The previous score rolled here was 290 by Warren “Bugs” Brenzel a number of years ago.  

November 17, 1939
Ten mills in the Fox and Wisconsin River valleys will finance a research program to develop methods of eliminating pollution of streams with sulfite liquor, it was decided at a meeting in Appleton with the state committee on pollution. 

November 29, 1939
Joseph T. Sadlier has been named general chairman of the annual holiday party of the Kaukauna High School Alumni Association to be held in the school gymnasium Friday evening December 29.

These youngsters were winners in a baby contest that has engaged the attention of all Kaukauna recently. Jimmy Funk, 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Funk won the personality prize. Miss Patsy Siebers, 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Siebers was selected in the beauty division. The contest was sponsored by F. J. Pechman studio and the Rialto Theater.  

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Time Machine Trip to November 1969

Kaukauna Times - By Lyle Hansen 

November 5, 1969

Army Spec.4/c Roy Liebergen has been awarded the Army Commendation Medal with “V” device. The Department of the Army announced Liebergen’s award for heroism in action in March 1969. According to the reports Specialist Liebergen rushed to front fire on of his Company “D” and began placing effective grenade fire on the enemy positions. He is a 1966 graduate of Wrightstown High School.

November 12, 1969

Sgt. Donald M. Buchinger, a 1966 KHS graduate, serving with the 25th Infantry division in Vietnam. “Vietnam, to most everyday people is the United States is still greatly unknown. To us over here it is a way of life and we can’t ignore it. We must adjust to a totally new way of living and adopt new customs, methods and procedures into our everyday lives. Home is where you build it with sandbags ammo crate and any other material found lying around. We build our own showers with a 55 gal. drum held up by timbers. We have no snacks to eat, no TV, no car. We walk wherever we go and usually it’s where we don’t want to be. We get to our home base camp about every three to four months.” We don’t get any other breaks during out tour. We spend our time watching and hunting for Charlie. We must keep ourselves healthy as possible under poor conditions, continuously combating disease. Malaria is the most common and quite serious.”

Sp/4 Richard A. Koester, Kaukauna, is now serving in Vietnam. 


Police officer John Carnot is shown receiving a graduation certification from Kaukauna Chief of Police William Nagel. Carnot is the first Kaukauna policeman to attend and graduate the two-months long Wisconsin State Academy at Camp McCoy in Sparta, Wisconsin.

November 19, 1969
Kenneth Nimmer was recently elected president of the Kaukauna Kiwanis Club for 1970.

November 27, 1969

Clifford Gelling, formerly of Kaukauna, is working at Calumet Corporation and comes to Kaukauna evenings to study tool grinding at the Fox Valley Vocational School. Stricken by polio in 1955 he had lost the use of both legs but despite this stands a full eight hours at his job with the aid of arm crutches. Working a full-time job, each day and attending evening classes to upgrade oneself for a better job is routine to a number of residents but when a handicapped young man overcomes obstacles to carry out this schedule it’s noteworthy. 

                      New Thilmany Quarter Century Club Members

Kaukauna Times - Beat the Experts

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Time Machine Trip to November 1919

Kaukauna Times By Lyle Hansen

November 6, 1919

Postmaster John Coppes was a Milwaukee visitor Wednesday, intent on increasing shipments of Buick cars. Wisconsin as a limited allotment of the  new Buick cars. Mr. Coppes secured a double amount for this vicinity using the diplomacy for which he is noted.

Thirteen potatoes weighing 17 ½ pounds are on exhibition at The Times office and as well-informed neighbors affirm that the only way The Times can raise potatoes is with a fork it is to be known that these were raised by William Taggart.

The two-week accident prevention program ended last Saturday and the Chicago Northwestern Railroad shops in Kaukauna, where over four hundred men are employed, attained the 100 percent with no injuries reported.

The city electrical department according to Manager Posson, cannot get light poles fast enough to keep up with the growing demand from near-by farmers for electric lights in their homes.

November 13, 1919
Universal interest on the part of citizens has centered for some time on whether or not Contractor McCarty would be able to finish the concrete paving of Lawe Street before the cold weather set, in and the question was answered to the satisfaction of everybody last Saturday evening when it was seen that the last block was in, smoothing over the pavement and the big job was completed.

The Times is frank to say that when we received news of the discovery of oil in Hollandtown we were very skeptical. But seeing is believing as representatives of the Times went to Hollandtown and saw the oil well dripping of high-grade oil. Farmers in Hollandtown have given leases on their farms to a company of oil men from outside the community and one man refused $5000.00 for two acres of land across the road from the White Clover creamery where oil was found by Mr. H. J. Fassbender while drilling for water.

Last Thursday night, the 6th of November the Geo. A. Bodde Post 41 of the American Legion met in the Forester Hall where the first official meeting of the organization was held. On the second ballot E. C. Dudley of the local Y.M.C.A. was elected Post Commander.

November 20, 1919
August Promer, of Kaukauna enlisted in the U. S. marine Corps on November 18 and was transferred to Milwaukee in route to Parris Island, South Caroline for his military training.

November 27, 1919

Anthony Kroll of this city, who was a victim of injuries received overseas, writes home saying: I am located at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington D. C. and I am now improving nicely. I received a back injury while in battle. I consider myself lucky to be alive today. I’ve had six operations, and this is the ninth hospital I have been in. I expect to be home in a month. 

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Time Machine Trip to November 1959

The Kaukauna Times - By Lyle Hansen

November 4, 1959
The St. Mary's Catholic grade school gridders Sunday afternoon completed an undefeated and untied season as they took a 20-6 decision over the Green Ghost of Holy Cross in the annual featured wind-up of the year at the high school athletic field. With their unbeaten record the lads of St. Mary's also collected their first Catholic boys’ league championship since 1952.

November 6, 1959

The official closing of navigation for 1959 on the upper and lower Fox River from DePere to Portage and on the Wolf River from its mouth to New London is scheduled for November 18 according to the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Chicago Bears Sunday afternoon will be hosting the Green Bay Packers and the third meeting of the season in Chicago. It may surprise many to learn that the Bears are not the Packers most ancient enemies. The Packer-Cardinal series predates the Bears series by exactly one week.  The Packers were defeated by the New York Giants last week 20-3. “I shouldn't have started McHan,” Lombardi said. “He had a bad shoulder and didn’t throw all week, if I had to do it all over, I would have gone with Joe Francis.” “The Giants beat us on defense, we never got out of the hole except one time. It was the best defensive game I've ever seen the Giants play.” 

The 1959 football season came to a very sudden and unexpected conclusion Wednesday, when the Papermakers conceded their final game to the Ghost because of rain, snow and wet grounds. Coach Fred Barribeau of the KAWs, offered to play a postponed game on any field available but Kimberly declined the offer on the grounds that they would be unable to get the proper number of days practice in for the first match of the 1959-60 basketball season.
Berg’s Cleaners - Our new remodeled plant is but the first step in our plan of continued improvements.   

November 11, 1959
At the final meeting of Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts football team for the 1959 season held early this week, six members of the squad were singled out for special honors, according to the announcement by head coach Fred Barribeau. Selected as co-captains for the 1960 season were Bruce Bay, and Pete Bachhuber. The two youths replace Bruce Ludke who will be graduating in 1960. Gary Novak was voted by his teammates as the most improved player on 1959 team.

November 13, 1959
The Kaukauna Board of Education Tuesday night began making immediate plans for record influx of first graders in September 1960 as they were informed by the St. Mary's Catholic parochial school that it was discontinuing its first grade.  The school stated that space considerations at the present school was what forced them to discontinue the first grade and plan to send future students to the city's public schools.

November 18, 1959
With only five days remaining before the final Green Bay Packers vs Washington Redskins football game at the Brown County Stadium in Green Bay, Art Mongin, Packer director and local ticket source reports that he has tickets available at the Look South Side drugstore in all price ranges.

The resignation of head football coach Fred Barribeau from that position at KHS was accepted Tuesday night “with regret” by the members of Kaukauna Board of Education. Barribeau will remain as a faculty member at the school but is severing all connections with the school's athletic programs. Barribeau has devoted a full 20 years in coaching a variety of high school athletics.

Earning straight A for the first quarter of the 1959-60 school year were Karen Lindemuth, junior, and Sandra Kern, senior.

Carl Ploetz and Carol DeBroux with 257 singles and Tom Eiting with a 599 series lead the bowlers at the business league on November 10 at the Bowling Bar.
Winning the first-place awards in the small fleet division of the National Safety Council are celebrated by drivers of the Thilmany Pulp and Paper Company Saturday night. The company hosted drivers at a dinner. Some 2000 fleets competed in the contest according to the National Safety Council. At the dinner the company's insurance carrier honored individual safe driving records. Receiving awards for years of safe driving were: Marvin Biese and Gerald Schmidt, 22 years; Raymond Britten, 20 years; Robert Wegard, 17 years; Albert Kersten, Jr., 16 years; Hugo Wenzel, 15 years; Phelan Femal, 12 years; John Grissman, 10 years; William Meulemans, 9 years; William Schmitz, Jr., 8 years; Dale Kilgas, 7 years; Leroy Reimer, 6 years; George Huss, 3 years; Leo Wilz, 2 years.

November 20, 1959
The new city ordinance established the following salaries: city attorney $3600, city clerk $6000, city relief and recreation director $5933.45, city assessor and building inspector $5600, deputy clerk $3900, city stenographer $3900, Mayor $3600, superintendent of the sewage plant $5500 city treasurer $4591.17 foreman street department $5800, city nurse $5000, Aldermen $900.  Salaries for the fire and police department are set as follows, chief of police $6183.28, police Lieut. $5265.24, Police Sgt. $5069.63, policeman after one year $4723.05. The chief bridge operator will receive $3870.36.

Tom Smith was named the grand champion of the Pine Wood Derby held at the Pack 27 meeting Monday evening Melvin Biersteker was the consolation winner. 

November 24, 1959
Four members of the 1959 Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts football team have been selected as all-conference players by a poll of coaches last week. Doug Ludvigsen and Gary Novak were selected first team defense. Myron Zachowski and Bruce Ludke were named first team offense. 

November 26, 1959
All the Christmas ornaments and greenery for the lampposts on the south side of Kaukauna have been put in place and the community tree was at its usual seasonal stand atop the city garage early Wednesday afternoon and the work begins on E. Wisconsin Ave. William Ranquette, manager of Kaukauna Electric and Water Department reported that the tree lights were scheduled to be on the first time on Wednesday evening.  

Shirley Hurst slammed a National Honor Count 612 series and a 212 single in the Thursday night Ladies League at the Bowling Bar.

Everyone Welcome

Tonight Wednesday, November 11, is the time set aside for you as citizens to visit Kaukauna High School to see what new opportunities for learning are available for your students.  

Darlene Vanevenhoven in Spanish class learning from a tape recorder.

Student William Coffey is studying new Advanced Mathematics for seniors.

Sophomore James Heinzl is using the newly added
Assignment book in World History.

An unusual vehicle owned by the C&NW railroad made a brief stop in Kaukauna recently to inspect some railroad cars in the south yards. To all outwards appearances the car is normal in every respect, except for the fact that it has railroad wheels which fold up in front of the car when not in use and warning lights and a bell.   

1959 General Motors Automobiles