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Time Machine Trip to May 1939

It’s that time again to fire up the old “Time Machine Chair” and make a trip back to May 1939.  

The big wheel is spinning Jane Conway is taking her place in the driver’s seat. The years are clicking back and in no time, we are back to Kaukauna’s south side.  We are out front of the Kaukauna Times on Main Street.     
The hit parade song of the month.

If I Didn’t Care – The Ink Spots   

Carl Hansen, the publisher, has left the newspapers for us by the front door of the Kaukauna Times. Let’s see what’s in the news this month.
Your old news man – Lyle Hansen

May 3, 1939
It appears that Old Dubbin, the farm family horse, continues to lose his struggle with the machine. For the second consecutive year, the horse popularity in the state has again decreased. More and more farm work is being done by motor driven machinery. The horse population has fallen to 515,000 head about 11,000 less than last year. 

Committees for the junior prom were chosen last week by Leo Wolf, prom king, Mildred Feller, advisor and the class officers.

This week our Hall of Fame presents a well-known junior boy who is very active in affairs at high school. This person is Clarence De Bruin. Clarence is a member of the boys’ glee club, mixed chorus. Double mixed quartet and, also one of the soloists who represent the school in the tournaments. He is also active in forensics, debate and is a member of the Kau-Hi-News staff.

Carl Bartsch was high gun of the members of the Kaukauna Gun Club at the first shoot of the season. Carl broke 47 of 50 targets.

Beautification of the city, both to attract visitors and sell residents in the community was urged last week in a talk by Mayor L. F. Nelson before the Rotary club. The Mayor praised the American Legion for laying the cornerstone of the move to beautify the city by erecting the wall on the southside of the rapids some years ago.

Upon a suggestion received from the board of public works the common council voted to turn on the water at the drinking fountains located at the corner of Lawe street and Wisconsin Ave. and Second street and Main Ave. for the summer months.

May 5, 1939
The Holy Cross softball team defeated St. Mary’s 12–0 Thursday afternoon at St. Mary’s. The winning pitchers were Jim Lehman and Don Mangold with Mark Verhagen catching. Bill Knapp was on the mound for St. Mary’s with Dave Nagan catching.

May 10, 1939
How the Grignon Home will look after it is restored
The Outagamie county board voted 32 to 21 to purchase the historic Grignon home and property in Kaukauna for $8,000. Restoration of the home to put it as near as possible to its original condition will be continued under the direction of the executive committee.  W. E. Smith chairman of the memorial committee of the pioneer society urged for the purchase of the property. The purchase includes more than 31 acres of land along with the home, furnishing and all records. Smith stated that the records were worth more than the home. Charles A. Grignon was born in 1808 and was the first treasurer of Outagamie county. He represented the Indians at the signing of the Treaty of the Cedars and for services was given $10,000 in silver dollars. The Grignon home was built 100 years ago in 1839.

Coach E. L. Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers never missed a chance to see a football contest while in Europe and the cheap admission prices startled him. At one contest in France, it only cost him a dime to get in and his box seat was only 92 cents more. The football season extends over none months and teams often play two or three games a week. The Packer coach also remarked that he liked the size of the guards around Hitler’s headquarters in Berlin. 

The Milwaukee Brewers are getting quite a few Fox Valley fans to their games and of course Red Smith, assistant Packer coach gets his share of attention as he directs traffic around third base. In a recent game, Smith was arguing with an umpire over a call when a fan called from the stands “Look out Red, he may be a pro football official and you might get penalized 15 yards.”

The police department has been busy this last week inspecting bicycles and giving drivers test. Bicycles must pass inspection before a license can be obtained from the city clerk L. J. Brenzel.

May 12, 1939
The Electric City Brewing company manufacturers of Mellow Brew Beer, have just completed a six-year building program in every department of the brewery. The new brew kettle is considerably larger being increased from 60 to 100 barrels per brew.  Last fall a combined modern office and garage were built. Through the sale of Mellow Brew in the surrounding territory and several large cities in the state, thousands of dollars have been brought to Kaukauna.

Conservation men planted 3,000,000 walleyed pike in Lake Winnebago over the weekend. The fish were secured from the Wisconsin conservation commission hatchery at Gills Landing.

Mike Klein was elected president of the Lions Club at a meeting Tuesday evening. He succeeds A. H. Mongin, Jr., and will begin his term July 1.

May 17, 1939
The appointment of John Kramer as senior leader was announced at the meeting of Holy Cross Troop 31 Boy Scouts of America held at Park this week. Scouts made plans to March in the Holy Name rally parade Sunday as part of the Kaukauna contingent.

May 24, 1939
Five persons were arrested and fined for speeding over the weekend by the Kaukauna Police Department. Donald Olson of Sawyer was fined $5 and costs for driving at a rate of 45 miles an hour on Lawe Street. Andrew Van Dera, Route 1, paid a fine of $5 and costs for driving a rate of 50 miles an hour on Crooks Ave. Frank Vils paid $5 and cost for driving 55 miles an hour on Taylor Street.  William Bedat and Carl Kuchelmeister of this city each paid $5 and costs for driving 60 miles an hour on Taylor Street.

Arthur Kappell, 50, E. 7th St., drowned Sunday afternoon when he fell off the bridge connecting the Badger power plant and the Badger Tissue Mills here Sunday. Kappell and John Heiting were netting fish from the bridge when Kappell fell into the river.

A new front is being installed on the Haas hardware store on Third Street. 

May 26, 1939
Five members of the high school track team will go to Madison Saturday to compete in the state track meet that will have representatives entered from the entire state. The five Kaukauna boys qualified for the state meet at the district meet at Neenah two weeks ago. Andy Meitner will compete in the broad jump, Giordana and Alger in the discus, Derus in the pole vault and Doering in the low hurdles.

Work or Go Hungry - Green Bay’s able bodied wards – men on relief with or without families now will be required to work for their food, it was decided by councilmen Tuesday night. Any “pin money” would be nil. The plan to solve a hefty slice of the community’s tax burdens was proposed by the public welfare commission. The plan provides for imprisonment on non-support charge for men with families refusing to work and withdrawal from relief for other “lazy birds”. It is said that eight days a month would be a minimum work time. About 400 may be employed.  

May 30, 1939

Little Chute hasn't found themselves yet, but nevertheless, fans are raving about the play of Strick, rookie catcher. Also notable are Boots, Bongers, Verstegen, Hammen, M. Schuler and Van Dykes. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Time Machine Trip to May 1912

Hello Fellow Time Travelers,

Well it’s time to fire up the old “Time Machine and travel back in time to May of 1912.

For today’s trip Jer Sanderfoot will be sitting in the front seat and operating the Time Machine.  The big wheel is spinning, the years are clicking back and in no time, we are back on East Second Street on Kaukauna’s Southside.

Charlie has left the papers for us on the chair out front of the Times office.

Your old newsman - Lyle Hansen

May 3, 1912
Owners and riders of motorcycles are hereby warned for the last time the state speed ordinance within the limits of the city of Kaukauna will be strictly enforced. The party violating the law will be immediately arrested and arraigned in court. Richard McCarthy - Chief of Police. 

The ice cream season at A. F. Paschen’s restaurant on second Street, will open Sunday, May 5, at which time business will be in readiness for the accommodation of patrons. The military orchestra will give a concert during the afternoon and evening. Pretty carnations will be presented to all patrons on the opening day. Drop in Sunday and try a dish of ice cream. 

John McNaughton, with his magnificent Pierce Arrow car, gave a number of his friends a day of pleasure rides Saturday that they will not soon forget.

Dr. Richmond Kerr has announced the purchase of a fine French coach stallion. This is one of the finest and most beautiful animals ever brought to Kaukauna.

For lack of power in the Green Bay Traction Line one trip was lost Sunday afternoon. The Kaukauna car was stalled on the corner of Kaukauna and Taylor streets having reached that point just when they were leaving for Green Bay. Many people went to see what caused the stoppage thinking the car had left the track, as this was the point where a bad wreck occurred several years ago.

May 10, 1912
Luther Lindauer has purchased a lot on Fourth Street in the rear of his residence on Crooks Avenue. He intends on making a fine large lawn for a tennis court and ornamental flower beds and shrubbery.

May 17, 1912
A muskellunge weighing 36 pounds and measuring 45 inches was landed out of the flumes at the Patton Pulp Mill at Appleton. This is the first musky found in these waters in a long time.

1912 Ladies Hat

Burgettstown, Pa. – At the point of a revolver Miss Margaret Gribben is alleged to have walked Henry Tiltron out of the theater and delivered him to the office of the justice of the peace. The trouble occurred over the refusal of the young woman to remove her hat. Tiltron sat behind Miss Gribben and he asked her to remove her hat so he could see. Later the manager of the theater preferred a charge against Miss Gribben of carrying a concealed weapon. A hearing will be held late today. No charges were referred against Mr. Tiltron.

The gasoline yacht “Kakalin” turned turtle in the government canal Friday afternoon and its four occupants were dumped into the river. The craft going down the river to Ridge Point Park on a pleasure trip when they whistled for the Wisconsin Avenue bridge to open. When they saw, the bridge was still closed they repeated the whistle and were powerless to stop. Thereby tipping the boat.

May 24, 1912
Adv. Free, any cap in the store with each boy's suit now on sale from $2.00 to $7.50.

The sounds of the carpenters hammer and saw, the ring of the mason’s troll, the thump of the bridge builders’ heavy tools an all other noises of new building will soon be heard in the thriving little village of Kimberly which bids fair to one of the liveliest hamlets on the river this summer. The Kimberly-Clark company will build additions to their big paper plant which will enable them to install a fourth paper machine. The new investment in Kimberly-Clark company will include sixteen new residences to be built for their employees.

May 31, 1912
The new Wisconsin Capitol, to be completed in four years, will be the handsomest structure of its kind in the country.

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Time Machine Trip to May 1898

Hello Fellow Time Travelers,

Well it’s time to fire up the old “Time Machine Chair” and travel back in time to May of 1898.

For today’s trip Jan & Bud Mayer, will be sitting in the front seat operating the Time Machine. The big wheel is spinning; the years are clicking back and in no time, we are back on Third Street on Kaukauna’s Southside.

Charles Raught, Times owner, has left the newspapers on the chair out front.

Your old newsman - Lyle 

May 6, 1898

The Kaukauna boys are signing up as a volunteer company to answer the call at anytime if needed during this time of war with Spain.

Atlanta, Ga. – All negro members of the state militia who volunteer their services to the governor for the war with Spain will be notified that they cannot be received in the Georgia contingent and advised to apply to the regular army for admission.

During the excitement that prevailed last Saturday when the news of the drowning of Leo Fechter, 11, was circulated on the street, N. D. Schwin hurriedly left his place of business to join the crowd on the river bank, forgetting to lock his doors. During his absence, the bar till was taped by someone amounting to about $10.00.

Commodore Dewey’s squadron has won a decisive victory over the Spanish fleet in a battle fought off the coast of Manila. It lasted for several hours and resulted in a crushing defeat for Spain. 

Peter Essler was appointed by the city council as a member of the fire department to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Jacob Kromer, Jr.

May 13, 1898
The north side billiard hall has again opened up under the management of Ed Hilgenberg. It is also used as the recruiting station of the company of military being organized.

May 20, 1898
The Kaukauna Company of volunteers recently formed here has made arrangements to use the old finishing room of the Badger mill for an "armory." The boys will drill on the baseball field when the time comes.

Mrs. Mary E. Grignon, 80, widow of Charles Augustin Grignon, died Friday at the home of Mrs. M. J. Meade. With the death of Mrs. Grignon this city and the state as well, loses one of the earliest of settlers, who blazed the way to civilization and settlement in the days when Wisconsin was still a territory.  She came to Kaukauna or “Grand Kakalin” as it was known after her marriage to Charles A. Grignon at Green Bay in 1837. They spent the first two years here living in the home built by Dominic Ducharme in 1790, the first home to be built in the state of Wisconsin. In 1839 Charles Grignon constructed the Grignon home also known as the “Mansion in the Woods” a few hundred yards east of the Ducharme home.  Many of the old-time travelers who passed through here, can look back to the warm hospitality extended to them at the Grignon home. The Grignon’s always had their door open to the weary and hungry travelers.  

May 27, 1898
The mill of the Thilmany Pulp and Paper Company will be involved in a new undertaking in the near future, now that the new addition to the mill has been completed. The plant is preparing to manufacture waxed papers, which can be done through the use of a new invention, which Mr. Thilmany has recently purchased.

President McKinley issued a proclamation Tuesday calling for 75,000 more volunteers which will raise the military to 280.000. We will soon be saying goodbye to the Kaukauna Company.

Conductor O’Brien and his train crew had some trouble with tramps who refused to leave the train at Kaukauna the other night. Stones and sticks were freely thrown but no serious damage was done. The crew was successful in dislodging the tramps.

Dr. H. B. Tanner delivered Mrs. Wm. Peeters of the south side a pair of twins, both boys, last night. The new arrivals make eleven children in that family.

(Photo not of the Peeters boys)

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Time Machine Trip to May 1907

Hello Fellow Time Travelers,

Well it’s time to fire up the old “Time Machine Chair” and travel back in time to May of 1907.

For today’s trip Jack Spierings will be sitting in the front seat operating the Time Machine. The big wheel is spinning, the years are clicking back and in no time, we are back on East Second Street on Kaukauna’s Southside.

Charlie has left the papers on the chair out front of the Times building. Let’s see what’s in the news this month.

Your old newsman – Lyle Hansen 

PS: What do you call a person who is happy on Monday?  - RETIRED

May 3, 1907
On account of the glare being so severe on the eyesight, the First National bank officials have decided to have the large plate glass windows in the front and side of the Central block removed and ordinary windows substituted. The change will also make the bank cooler in summer as there will be less space exposed to the sun.

All four marble statues representing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John arrived from Italy last week and were immediately set in place on the high altar at St. Mary’s church. Each statue is over 3 feet in height and is carved out of pure white Carrara marble. They cost $150 each and have been for several months on the way.

May 10, 1907
Catching suckers in Konkapot Creek near the baseball grounds is proving a popular pastime for farmer boys who gather there at night by the dozens. The boys have various ways of catching the fish, not all which comply with the law. A few nights ago, a bunch of fishermen from the country gathered near the mouth of the creek armed with manure forks. They would wade in the stream and scooped the fish out by the dozens. They carried them home in wheelbarrows.

George Brubaker, Kaukauna, a brakeman in the employment of the North-Western railroad company, was instantly killed in the Ashland division yards this morning. He was assisting making up No. 42 when he got caught under the wheels for some unknown matter and had his leg and side crushed. He was taken to G. W. Fargo undertaking establishment and relatives where once notified.

May 24, 1907
Kaukauna High School Graduates - Class of 1907

Ellsworth Maurice Broulliard
Ivyl Edna Kearby
George Christian Olson
Arthur Saubert
Robert Shiells McNaughton
Jennie A. Ringlund
Odanah Edna Rounseville
Katie Eugenia Ryan

Anna Marie Boehn
Ella Margaret Dietzler
Alma Duescher
Cora E. Heilmann
Stella Elaine Kinney
Ida Ellen Knickerbocker
Sworth Newman
A. Sophy Philpps
Laura Marguerite Solar
Anna Francis Watson
Grover C. Wolf

Arthur John Bayorgeon
Laura Rosanna Burke
Agnes Marie Geurtz
Thomas Daniel Kirwan
Joseph Charles McCarty
John William Ralph
William Patrick Taugher

May 17, 1907
Within the coming year, Kaukauna will be able to boast of the largest electric power plant in this part of the state. It will be built by the Green Bay and Mississippi Canal Company and will occupy the site of the old Badger Paper Mill. Contractor John Hackworthy started out with a small crew of men which has increased to nearly seventy. As he is paying two dollars per day he is finding little if any trouble getting all the men he wants. This week is being devoted to cleaning up the debris which has accumulated to a depth of three to four feet.

May 31, 1907
A leak in the government canal embankment half way between the guard lock and the Lawe street Bridge was noticed in time to prevent a considerable loss to mill owners and boatmen. While on his way across the bridge at noon Frank F. Becker noticed a small stream of water coming through the stone wall. Messrs. Servas and Jones were immediately notified and in a very short time a crew of men was on the scene inserting the needles at the guard lock. The water had made remarkable progress and in less than an hour had washed away about 20 feet of the clay embankment and was finding an outlet between the stones for a considerable distance.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Time Machine Trip to May 1889

Hello Fellow Time Travelers,

Well it’s time to fire up the old “Time Machine Chair” and travel back in time to April 1889.

For today’s trip Hub Gerend will be sitting in the front seat operating the Time Machine. The big wheel is spinning; the years are clicking back and in no time, we are back on East Second Street on Kaukauna’s Southside.

Charlie has left the papers on the chair out front of the Times building. Let’s see what’s in the news this month.

Your old newsman – Lyle Hansen 

Mark Lyle Hansen - 50 years ago - May 14, 1967. I’m new Dad!!! My wife, Linda and I are the proud parents of a baby boy!!!    

May 3, 1889
The laying of the walls for the Thilmany Paper Mill has been commenced. Everything is on the rush. A force of about 50 men are busy working on the tail race.

A settlement for the approach to the draw bridge has at last been effected and the property now belongs to the city of Kaukauna.  Rent of one dollar per day has been charged to the city for the use of the ground since Geo. W. Lawe received title at the time the suit between him and the city. The city will pay $1500 for the land. There was a time when for $300, if the proper steps had been taken, the land could have been transferred but the council attempted to obtain the property for nothing. The case was carried to the Supreme Court and it was decided that the land belonged to Geo. W. Lawe and the city built the bridge approach on his land. Now $1500 and $500 court costs result as the final cost.  

Cincinnati, O., - April 26- Last night a body of masked White Caps administered a whipping to Frank Gehrline. Gehrline is said to be a general worthless while his wife supports him and the family by taking in boarders. He has been cruel to his wife knocking her down for no reason. He was found in a saloon where he was seized by the white caps tied to a tree and whipped. A crowd gathered and cheered as the punishment was administered.

May 10, 1889
A Sherwood, Calumet County, girl killed a bear which she observed prowling around, by giving him a big dose of “Rough on rats”, which she cleverly inserted in a piece of fresh pork. The dressed skin of the bear was bought by John Roberts of Neenah.

When the baby has hiccoughs, give it gin; when the father has hiccoughs, take away the gin.

New signs have been placed at the ends of the river bridges informing all the penalty of driving faster than a walk. 

Real estate is booming in Kaukauna. Lots that sold for $400 a year ago now bring from $1500 upwards.

Up to Monday there had been thirty-four saloon licenses taken out in Kaukauna.

May 17, 1889
Harvey Bells has added an elegant hack to his line livery stable outfit, which will be used for special purposes only. It is one of the latest modeled and improved vehicles, and is finely furnished on the interior with toilet articles, racks, bells, and the other arrangements usually found about a first-class hack.

Ozark, Mo., - May 10 – The Bald Knobbers; Dave Walker, his son William and John Matthews, were hanged this afternoon for murders they committed. The noose was adjusted at 9:40 and the drop fell. The rope broke and Wm. Walker fell and lay struggling on the floor. He was taken up the scaffold and dropped again. This time the rope held.  

The city policemen are now logged out in full uniform, which includes hat, belt, club, etc.

May 24, 1889
The first man to die by the electrical execution law will be William Kennchy of Buffalo, N.Y.

Memorial Day - General Order No. 1 - Comrades are requested to meet at 1 o’clock May 30th at post headquarters. All are requested to be in regulation uniform. The line of march will be from Reuter’s block North side direct to the South side and on to the Island Opera House. After services the detail will visit the cemeteries and decorate the graves. Post Commander H. A. Frambach. 

The government is paying off its indebtedness at the rate of more than $100,000,000 a year. Other governments throughout the world are borrowing to meet current necessities.

The Standard Oil Company has placed an order in Philadelphia for 200 bull dogs, which will be used to guard the tanks in the Ohio field against tramps. 

May 31, 1889
Snow fell here all this morning. After this we will undoubtedly get warm as the chill will be taken out of the atmosphere.  Frosts have been so numerous and severe in this locality that many trees begin to assume the appearance of fall. Leaves are turning yellow and look lifeless.

The Shawano stage robber put in his appearance again Saturday and carried off the mail poaches and money of the passengers.

“The woods are full of them,” said Marshal Kuehn the other day. Tramps are more numerous around here this summer than ever before.

Standing Rock Agency, D.T., The Indians here held a big council Sunday and all agreed to not sign the treaty unless paid $11,000,000 for their land. They are disappointed at how the government has treated them in the past in regard to the treaties of 1867 and 1876.

Gold is now worth about $240 per pound.

Fire broke out in the Outagamie Paper Company, which resulted in an approximate damage of $8,000.

William Klumb was elected chief at the annual meeting of the fire department. 

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Time Machine Trip to May 1967

 Hello Fellow Time Travelers,

Well it’s time to fire up the old “Time Machine Chair” and travel back in time to May of 1967.

For today’s trip, Gwynne Sauer will be sitting in the front seat operating the Time Machine. Now the big wheel is spinning, the years are clicking back and in no time, we are back on the corner of Third Street and Main Avenue.  

For the music lovers, the top song on the Hit Parade this month is:

Groovin – The Young Rascals

Ron Kappmeyer - salesman at the Times, left the newspapers for us by the front door.   

Well let’s get the copies and see what is in the paper this month. 

Your old news man – Lyle


 May 3, 1967
Pvt. Thomas J. Lutzow, 19, Kaukauna completed a 10-week engineer supply course at the Army Quartermaster School, Ft. Lee, Va.

Aviation Structural Mechanic First Class Clarence S. Micke, USN, of Kaukauna took part in the Naval training exercise “Blue Coral” off the southern coast of California. 

Technical Sergeant James H. Robedeaux, Kaukauna, has arrived for duty at Scott AFB, Ill. 

Pvt. Kenneth R. Peeters, 19, Little Chute completed a 10-week engineering supply course at the Army Quartermaster School, Ft. Lee. Va.

Forty-one seniors were initiated into the Quill and Scroll on Monday at the annual Publications Banquet which was held at Oakwood Hill Supper Club.

Steve Therriault set two new school records in a meet at Kaukauna against Green Bay Southwest. Steve set a new record with a 53.1 second run in the 440-yard dash and a height of 11 feet 4 inches in the pole vault. Bob Jansen set a new school record in the high and low hurdles. He ran a 15.7 second in high hurdles and a 21.5 in low hurdles. 

May 5, 1967

Reigning Over the KHS Junior Prom tonight in the old gym will be Queen Maureen Collins and King Robert DeCoster.

Pvt. James A Gruenstern, route 1 Kaukauna is presently an assistant instructor at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  

PFC Leroy Nackers, Kaukauna, is now stationed at Kitzingen, Germany with the 9th Artillery. He is a 1965 graduate of Kaukauna high school.

The girls’ volleyball team will compete against Neenah this Friday night. Representing KHS will be one team of GAA who have proven themselves as fine competitors. These girls include Sue Mueller, Shirley Roome, Sue Schmidt, Jane Simon, Mary Boots, Barbara Volts and Doris Heller. 

May 10, 1967
Two area soldiers were recently assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division in Viet Nam. Army PFC. Alan F. Effa of Kaukauna and Joseph M. Wildenberg of Little Chute. 

    Stanley Plzak                              Raymond Plzak

Promotions were given to two Kaukauna brothers in ROTC program at the University of Wisconsin. The brothers, Stanley and Raymond Plzak are the sons of Harriette Plzak. Stanley, a sophomore. was promoted to the rank of cadet staff Sergeant and Raymond, a junior, was promoted to the rank of Cadet Sergeant First class.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Schuler were appointed as reservation chairman for the KHS alumni Association June rally. 

Larry Vander Wyst, center is being presented the Eagle Scout Award at a court of honor held for St. Aloysius Troop 104. Left to right Larry’s mother Mrs. Elmer Vander Wyst, Father Theodore Hendricks assistant pastor Elmer Vander Wyst, father of Larry and troop scoutmaster.

Kaukauna high school collected 10 hits and at one time had the bases loaded with no one out but could only score two runs on the way to dropping a 4-2 decision to Two Rivers in a game played Friday afternoon at the Dodge Street diamond. The loss leaves Kaukauna with a 1-2 record in Mid-Eastern conference play. 

May 12, 1967
The board of control of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Association at its regular meeting in Stevens Point last weekend made some important changes in rules for some of the sports and their program. The rule changes include removing the restriction against glass backboards in basketball tournament play and adopting the glass board for the state tournaments at Madison in 1968. 

May 17, 1967
The Valley Flying Club completed their second race of the season Sunday with a 200-mile old bird race from Rochester, Minnesota in which 32 lofts took part. The birds were released at 7 AM with the winner from the Belling and Lambie loft arriving at 11:58 a.m.

Captain Joseph B. Lamers (right) of Kaukauna receives the Bronze Star and the U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal at Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam from Brigadier General Jammie M. Philpott, deputy chief of staff for intelligence, 7th Air Force. Capt. Lamers is a 1957 graduate of Kaukauna high school.

May 19, 1967
The KK sports arena opened their season this weekend with stock-car races on Saturday and drag strip competition on Sunday, according to Clarence DeLeeuw. arena manager.

The Kaukauna High School baseball team hustled five runs across the plate in the bottom of the sixth inning on the way to crushing Clintonville 6-2 in a game played at the Dodge Street diamond. 

Egan's Yacht Club will again be the site on Sunday, May 21 for the opening of the Wisconsin outboard racing associations 1967 schedule. Over 75 drivers from a four-state area are expected to compete in this opening event. 

May 24, 1967
The Ghost linksmen won their final match of the season by downing Appleton high by a score of 167 to 170 in a match held at Fox Valley golf course on Monday. Medalist in the varsity meet were Jim Wolfgram of Kaukauna with a two over par 39. He was followed by Mike Derus with a 41, John Kuchelmeister 42, Steve Wildenberg 45 and John Rausch 48.

May 26, 1967

The new Little Chute public high school will hold an open house this Sunday from 2-5 p.m. The school, located at the intersection of County Trunk N and 00, has 12 classrooms, including a kindergarten, a library, industrial arts room and gymnasium.

Constance Marie Weyers, 19-year old college girl from route 1 Kaukauna, is looking forward to the Alice in Dairyland final contest in Green Bay June 8. As the district winner, she will be one of 13 contestants vying for the state “Alice” crown.

May 30, 1967
St. Aloysius Cub Scout Pack 104 held its Pinewood Derby Race Sunday in the social hall. The winners were James Ebben, first place; William DeBruin, second-place; and Keith Kuehl, third-place. They each received a trophy and a prize.

Kaukauna high school will be represented in the class a track meet this Saturday at Monona Grove by the 880-yard relay team. The ghost runners, Bill Derricks, Ken Hammen, Pat Kavanaugh and Steve Therriault, earned their way into the state by finishing second to Green Bay East in the sectional meet Friday in Green Bay. This will be the second year in a row the Kaukauna's 880-yard relay team has gone the state.

                               1967 Chevrolet Corvette