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Time Machine Trip to June 1955

June 1, 1955

Jaycee tennis tournament finalists are shown. Left to right recreation director, Bob Vanevenhoven, Miss Nancy Mathis, Jack Ludke, Dan Maes, Mike Walsh, Carol Siebers and Miss Mary Jane Appleton recreation director.

The Kaukauna track team members captured places at the WIAA state track meet in Madison over the weekend. Ed Jaki copped second place in the mile run, while Jack Roome managed a fourth-place finish in the low hurdles.

Park Grade school has 30 eighth grade students advancing to high school this fall, according to an announcement made by principal Clifford Hodgins.

The Thilmany Pulp & Paper Company has announced the election of two new members of the board of directors. Elected were Joseph T. Thomas and Charles L. Dostal.

A record of 35 wins in 41 starts for three seasons of play was chalked up by the Kaukauna High School Baseball team last Thursday afternoon when the Kaus were eliminated from the sectional running by the Chilton Tigers by a 5-3 count.

June 3, 1955
St. Mary’s graduated 70 students from eighth grade that will attend high school in the fall.

The Kaukauna Police reported that they have no new developments in their investigation of a break-in at the Fargo Furniture store over the weekend in which $249.90 in cash belonging to the Catholic Order of Foresters was taken from the company safe.

Demonstrating the chin carry in life saving at the Kaukauna swimming pool is Miss Celine Ryan with Karen Frank acting as victim. Observing are left to right Morris Hella, Siebers, Carol Siebers, Rita Vanderloop, Blanche Siebers and Darlene Kramer.

Fifth Graders at Park School as a culmination of a unit on health recently had a dinner at the school with their teacher, Miss Lorraine Dudley. The children left to right, seated, Peggy Learned, Kay Welter, Dick Schmidt, Clayton Frank, Victor Van Grinsven, Mary Ristau and Kay Kuchelmeister. Standing are George Gerrits, John Lambie, Margaret Carr, Jane Jacobson, Fawn Pechman, Carol Urban, Jim Cotter, Billy Jirkowic, Donna Van Stiphout and Kathleen Mooney.

The Lang Trophy, the oldest and most coveted award at the Kaukauna High School Tuesday evening was awarded to Miss Mary Bachhuber of the class of 1955.

June 8, 1955
Russ Torgeson, Combined Locks, scored a hole in one on the 170-yard No. 9 at Fox Valley Golf club Sunday morning.

The Kaukauna Klubbers in their opening game of the season came back from a 3-0 deficit in the second inning by scoring in the fourth, fifth and sixth to take a 9-3 decision against the Appleton South Side Athletic Club-Brewers.

June 10, 1955
A special program has been arranged for Sunday at the Little Chute baseball park in conjunction with the game between the Dutchmen and Greenleaf according to George Vanderloop, chairman of the event. A program will be presented by the American Legion with the raising of the flag with the Little Chute band playing the “Star Spangled Banner”. Following the conclusion of the program, village president Ed Kostka will officially announce the renaming of the Little Chute ball park to “American Legion Park”.

June 17, 1955
Boy Scout troop 27 of Kaukauna, under the direction of Lewis Schultz, placed in eighth place with 122 points at the recent Camporee held at Brillion last weekend. Little Chute Boy Scouts troop 51, under the direction of scoutmaster Lewis McCormick won six places during the two-and-a-half-day encampment.

June 22, 1955

Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher are shown above with new bicycles which were awarded to them last Saturday. Young Huck at left is better known to his friends as Tom Wolf and Becky is Janet Reuter. 

Seventy-five Kaukauna youngsters turned out for the annual Huck Finn Day celebrated at Reichel’s pond Saturday afternoon. Best-costumed of Huck and Becky were awarded.

Arthur Godfrey could not pronounce “Kaukauna”, when Mrs. Louis Chizek, a Kaukauna housewife won a new electric clothes dryer. “Here’s one from Wisconsin”, he said. “Did you ever hear of this town? I did not know they had Hawaiian names out there “Ka-oo-ka-oo-na” as he announced the prize of Mrs. Chizek. Godfey’s singer came to his aid, “That’s Kaukauna,” he pronounced correctly, and it’s famous for some very wonderful cheese”.

June 29, 1955
The intensive program this year by the Wisconsin Department of Resources has resulted with a removal of 1,300,000 pounds of sheepshead from Lake Winnebago. The fish were sold to mink farmers in the state.

Three Kaukauna young men were listed among the group ordered for induction into the armed services on June 15 according to a release received from the Selective Service county board. The men include Joseph A. Fischer, Clyde Romenesko and Thomas R. Niesen.

Pvt. Clarence F. Bowers is a member of the 24th Infantry Division in Korea. He is a rifleman in Company E of the division’s 21st Regiment.

Pfc. Gilbert Wettstein is currently serving with a motor transport division of the U.S. Marine Corps in Korea.

A/B James Robedeaux and A/B Paul Nettekoven are stationed with the 4189th flight at Sampson Air Force Base, New York.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Time Machine Trip to June 1902

June 6, 1902
A valuable horse and colt owned by Tommy Green of the Town of Kaukauna were struck by lightning and killed during a heavy storm Sunday night.

For the past three years prizes have been offered by Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brokaw to the High school pupils who should attain the highest average in scholarship, deportment and attendance. The winners of the prize in 1900 were: First, Grace Potter; second, Ben Dawson and Geo. Schwachtgen; in 1901, first, Rose Corcoran: second, Rose Phillips; this year, due to a tie for first place, the money will be equally divided between Jennie Parette and Margaret Kerr.   

June 13, 1902
Two mad dogs were discovered last Thursday in the town of Freedom and in view of the fact several children and dogs have been bitten there is grave danger of hydrophobia and the residents of the town are taking every precaution to prevent an epidemic. The dogs which have been bitten refuse to eat and are developing evidence of rabies. Many farmers in surrounding towns have killed their dogs. The schools at Freedom are almost deserted as farmers are keeping their children home for fear they will be bitten.

H. G. H. Reed, whose death was chronicled last week, the man who built the old Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western railroad, now the Ashland division of the Chicago & Northwestern, together with Mr. Jos. Vilas, Sr. of Manitowoc.

The Mayors of quite a number of the cities of Wisconsin have issued proclamations forbidding the firing of dynamite or cannon crackers on the Fourth of July, as the usual list of casualties resulting therefrom is large.  

June 20, 1902
Wisconsin mosquitoes are gaining considerable notoriety since they drove out that gang of Italian railroad laborers at Marinette a few days ago. Now if the pests would only drive the dagos out of the state entirely, they might be looked upon as, being of some use on earth.

The south side merchants have made up a liberal purse and engaged the Kaukauna Band for a series of five free open-air concerts to be given on the south side business streets once a week.  The first will be rendered this evening on the corner of Main Avenue and Second street. The boys have worked hard for several years to get into shape for playing. (Corner of Main Ave. and Second street looking south) 

June 27, 1902
An old building on the shore of the canal burned yesterday. The building was the last remaining structure of the Reuter Hub & Spoke Company, which was at one time Kaukauna's leading manufacturing institution.

 A house of questionable reputation is at present running in Kaukauna which should be stopped. It is in too conspicuous a location to be tolerated by the city officials and should be ordered to remove for complaints are numerous. It is located that ladies and children who pass along one of our main thoroughfares cannot help but look upon some of the vulgarity which is attached thereto. Such moral degradation so conspicuously displayed is a disgrace and it is hoped the city officials will act at once for its removal.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Time Machine Trip to June 1918

June 7, 1918

The seventieth anniversary of the admission of Wisconsin into the Union was passed on May 29, 1918, since Nelson Dewey took the oath of office as the first governor. Wisconsin has grown from a population of less than 250,000 in 1848 to 2,500,000 today. In 1848 there were no railroad tracks in Wisconsin now there are more than 7000 miles of tracks.

The first Kaukauna soldier to be wounded in France is Sergeant C. W. Chamberlain, who was struck by a piece of metal while leading his comrades in a fight somewhere in France.

Henry Eimmermann has closed his saloon on Wisconsin avenue. A number of saloonkeepers have gone to work in the paper mills. Three or four saloons will not renew their licenses for the new year beginning July 1. The increase cost of liquors has resulted in not enough money in the business to make it go.

“The war has to go on until it has been won. Not a man ‘over there’ thinks of quitting the job before it is finished and finished right no matter how long it takes.” This is the message Private N. H. Nickols of the 101st engineers, American expeditionary force, brought to Kaukauna in his war talk at the auditorium Monday evening.

June 16, 1918
Three Kaukauna soldiers were reported wounded on the French front. Floyd L. Hawkins and Walter A. Haas were severely injured May 27 and Alvin H. Ploetz was injured May 13.

Floyd L. Hawkins

Alvin H. Ploetz

June 21, 1918
The man whose shot brings down the wooden bird securely perched on a high pole at the yearly “Schut” in Hollandtown is king for the succeeding year and will wear the royal coat. The honor this year goes to Kaukauna Postmaster John Coppes who will replace William Van Lieshout last year’s king. 

The Federal government has asked the police departments to aid the local boards in the matter of violations of “work or fight” order. Chief McCarty of Kaukauna has placed his department at the disposal of the local board. All men of the draft age not regularly employed in some useful occupation will have to “get busy” for there will be no room in town for idlers. Citizens are also requested to aid in weeding out the of the slackers and loafers by reporting them.

Every wage-earner in Kaukauna is expected to register in his school district on June 28 and pledge himself to buy a certain amount of war saving stamps before the end of the year.

A big fire Tuesday afternoon threatened the neighborhood at the corner of Seventh street and Main avenue. The fire started in the barn to the rear of the Avenue Grocery. 

June 28, 1918

Private Theodore Feller When Mrs. Goetzman received her brother’s letter dated June 2, some people were of the opinion that he had been wounded May 28 but had not died until after having written this letter. However, the telegram from Washington reported Private Theodore Feller, infantry died May 28 from wounds received in action. The Red Cross has determined that the Kaukauna soldier’s reported death was in error.

The loss of the thumb, middle finger and index finger of his left hand and cuts on his right hand and face were received by little George Tennessen age 12. The boy was playing in the barn when he struck a dynamite cap which exploded.

Kaukauna and the other parts of the second Outagamie county draft will send 522 selected men into the national army. This is the largest call thus far issued. Kaukauna will be required send 266 and Appleton 256. (Picture taken at the Kaukauna Public Library) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Time Machine Trip to June 1948

Kaukauna Candidates for centennial queen are competing for the title of Miss Outagamie over the pageant in Kaukauna in July. Left to right are Misses Betty Roberts, Charlotte Chamberlain, Mary Joan Van de Loo, Elaine Keough and Joan Leddy.

June 2, 1948
Mayor Joseph Bayorgeon revealed at a meeting of the common council last night that the electric and water departments have purchased a 12-acre plot of land extending south of Konkapot Creek as far as the Lookout point from the Green Bay and Mississippi Canal Company for an undisclosed sum. The plot of land referred to is the site of the present ball park in addition to several acres on either side of it. In making the announcement, Bayorgeon said, "We anticipate a centralized recreational center for the use of our citizens over a period of years."

Outagamie county turned out in masses last week to help the state celebrate its 100th birthday anniversary and wish Wisconsin another century of continuous prosperity. Relics of the past were displayed in store windows and people saw history parade before them. Pioneers who have lived in the county for over half a century were honored at special banquets and stories were shared from the past. 

Donald Lemke was presented with the Lang trophy, most coveted high school award at the senior class night exercises held last night at the civic auditorium. Marjorie Ditter was the recipient of the Thilmany girl’s award.

 The bodies of three war dead from the area will soon be returned from overseas for final burial at home. They are Corporal Steven Verhagen, Kaukauna, Corporal Jean Behrendt, Kimberly and Pfc Ernest Pelky of Bear Creek.    

Getting ready for the big street parade in Little Chute Sunday are the committee members of the ‘48er centennial celebration. The first Dutch settlers came to Little Chute 100 years ago. Seated left to right are Anton Jansen, village president, A. P. Rock, Ernest Miron, Willard Van Handel, Henry Verbruggen. Standing are George Vanderloop, Frank Hermsen, Jr., Mark Lamers, Peter C. Vanden Heuvel and Frank G. Hermsen.

June 4, 1948
Henry Grissman was elected commander of post 41, American Legion Kaukauna. He succeeds Frank Busse as commander of the post.

When Kaukauna’s first telephones were installed in 1882 there were only 28 subscribers and only a single operator was needed at the switchboard. Today 66 years later, Kaukauna boasts 1900 telephones and 12,450 local calls and 395 out-of-town calls every day.  

June 9, 1948
Jerome Coonen has purchased the Walter Schermitzler Tea and coffee store 105 West Third street it was revealed this week. The Coonen family has operated the general store at Dundas for the last 55 years. Jerome took over the management from his father J. L. Coonen seven years ago. 

June 11, 1948
Funeral services for Tech Sergeant Henry B. DeKuester, killed in action in the New Guinea campaign August 5, 1943, will be held at Holy Cross this morning. The body of sergeant DeKuester was returned to Kaukauna yesterday afternoon. A military escort greeted the body at the train as it was brought to the Fargo funeral home.

June 23, 1948
William Appleton was crowned the city soap box derby champion when he defeated William West in the city-wide finals Saturday afternoon before a crowd of over 2000 fans who braved the rain to witness the second annual event. It was a tragic finish, however, for the event when West lost control of his speedy racer and crashed into a line of spectators on the Lawe street bridge. As a result of the accident, 11-year-old, Miss Donna Onkels suffered a fractured leg.

Kaukauna students help set up their own stories for their National Newspaper Week edition of the Kaukauna Times. Left to right are: Ray Wunrow of the Times, Joseph Steger, John Lorenz, Pat Seif and Naomi Goldin.   

June 30, 1948
A large delegation of Mohawk Indians is coming from New York to take part in the first Oneida Indian Homecoming since the tribe came and settled around Green Bay about one hundred and twenty-five years ago. The Mohawks and the Oneidas are members of the great Iroquois Confederacy. In addition to the Mohawks there will be representatives of the Chippewa, Sioux, Sac, Pottawatomie, Fox, Stockbridge, Winnebago and some Navajo. A pow-wow is planned for Saturday, July 3.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Time Machine Trip to June 1899

June 2, 1899
Last evening, at the Opera House on the island, a class of nine, five young men and four young ladies—comprising the 1899 graduating class of Kaukauna High School bade good-bye to their alma mater and entered "The world's broad field of battle."

Gertrude Bossard
Blanche Eckardt

English Course
Marvin Watson
George Kinney
Paul Hallock

Scientific Course
Lucile Long
David Finnegan
Alice Rothwell
Albert Kuchler

The new water wheel for the Kaukauna Electric Light Company arrived Saturday and is presently being placed into position.

Mr. E. Landremann of the south side, has received the appended welcome letter from the nurse who has been taking care of his son who was wounded in battle in the Philippines and has been in a hospital. “At his request I have the pleasure of writing you the good news that he is now completely out of danger. His wound is healing nicely the bullet having passed thru his right side and out his back.”

June 9, 1899
Two accidents in one day to a wedding party seem almost too much, but they occurred Tuesday at Mau-Nicholas wedding. The carriage containing the bridal couple was overturned while coming down Beaulieu Hill, throwing the entire party out into the mud. In returning to the house, when partly up the hill, another bus heavily loaded, broke loose from the team letting the rig run back part way down the hill. This time a part of the load jumped out into the same muddy roads.

The Outagamie County Clerk has issued a marriage license which hints at an interesting romance. Alexander Schennadore of the Oneida Indian reservation, a full-blooded Indian, and the bride will be Miss Mabel Bennet, who has been a teacher at the Oneida school for the past two years. The bride comes from South Dakota and her mother has made no objection to the wedding of the red man to the white school teacher.

Dr. Tanners new Drug Store located on the south east corner of Second Street and Main Avenue. 

June 19, 1899
The tornado that has swept out of existence the prosperous little city of New Richmond is the most disastrous in point of fatality ever occurring in this section. The exact number of dead is still unknown, but it will certainly reach 100, and very probably will considerably exceed that figure.

Mr. Peter Broehl has leased Eden Park and again opens this pleasure resort to the public. The park can be secured for picnics and parties. The bowling alley and refreshment hall will run as usual.

June 23, 1899
Wednesday was the longest day in the year. It is the summer solstice and theoretically the middle of summer. And yet we hardly seem to have emerged from the spring rains, while corn is not all planted, and what has been planted is but a little above the ground.

June 30, 1899
The plant of the Kaukauna Electric Light Company narrowly escaped being undermined last Tuesday morning. The rear end of the flume gave away and allowed the water from the canal above to flow through with tremendous force, tearing out part of the underpinning of the plant and washing out a portion of the side wall. Huge stones 2 feet square were torn from the race-bed and carried along for ten feet to the wall in the rear.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Time Machine Trip to May 1988

St. Al’s Boy Scout troop 104 received a firsthand look at K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base near Marquette, Mi. during a recent visit. Front row Troy Hanson, Tucker Van De Hey, Tom Beno, Sam Guy, Eric Thiede, Srinu Reddy and Jason Verboncouer. Second row Chris Glasheen, Mike Hennes, Dale Nytes, Kevin Morris and Scott Vondracek and back row Andy Schmidt, Lee DeLeeuw, Jon Steinbach, Greg Wierschke, Jason Stadtmueller and Matt Weaver.

May 3, 1988
Tradition was extended Friday afternoon when the Kaukauna High School girls track and field team again won first place honors in the huge Shawano Invitational. The Ghosts girls secured the 1988 team championship with 149 points as they easily outdistanced the 7-team field.

May 5, 1988
Following a day-long preliminary hearing Tuesday, Vincent Fisher, 40, was bound over for trial in the death of 6-year-old Jessica Miller of Kaukauna.

Mayor Ron Van de Hey has again proposed that the Common Council consider changing elected officials’ terms from two years to four years.

Ribbon cutting at the new 40,000 square foot Larry’s Piggle Wiggle Supermarket at Fox Dale Plaza in Little Chute took place Sunday evening. Participants include Lawrence Verhagen, Jim Dickleman of Schultz Sav-On Stores, Mrs. Mary Knapp, who cut the ribbon as a young girl in 1964 at the Larry’s store just east of the new one, Mayor Ron Van De hey of Kaukauna, Mrs. Glady’s Verhagen, Larry’s wife and Little Chute’s Village President, Don De Groot.

May 10, 1988
No charges have yet been filed, but Kaukauna police are continuing the investigation after officers confiscated gambling tickets, at Porgie’s Bar on Second Street. Among items removed are three slot machines, pull tab cards, dice, craps backstop and $1000 cash.

May 12, 1988
Mike Zimmerman was a double winner while Carrie Dusenbery set another new school record in Kaukauna High School’s varsity track and field meet Tuesday. Zimmerman won both the 110-meter-high hurdles and the 300 intermediate hurdles. Dusenbery finished second in the 1600-meter run.

May 17, 1988
Kaukauna public schools will be minus four experienced teachers when doors open next August. Retirement of Marian Walsh teacher at Park School, Leila Blajeski and Robert Lamont Kaukauna High School, and Dave Specht High School librarian. Each will be honored at a KEA reception in May.

May 24, 1988
Diplomas will be awarded to 236 members of the Kaukauna High School Class of 1988 at Commencement exercised Wednesday evening in the Julian Bichler gymnasium.

Marni Lust is the 1988 winner of the Kaukauna High School’s top award, the Lang Trophy which was presented in the Class Night ceremonies Tuesday. Peter Ashman is the recipient of the Thilmany Career Scholarship.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Kaukauna High School - 50th Anniversary Class of 1968





            Paul Thomas Lamers  1950 - 1966

Not Pictured Graduates.

Lee Balthazar
Mark Cummings
Randell Fieck
Kathleen Frank
Raymond Gruenstern
Guy Hartjes
Bonnie Hartl
Dennis Hoffman
Peter Koehne
Eugene Krueger
David Maloney
David Mann
David Massey
Mary Schmitt
Ronald Schmitt
Paul Seefeldt
Juanita Shuckart
Arnold Van Hammond
Richard Weber
John Wyngaard