Thursday, April 19, 2018

Time Machine Trip to April 1955

April 6, 1955
The home construction business seems to have become brisk as Kaukauna is experiencing a building boom according to assistant engineer Luther Kemp.  January had no permits, February had one and March had nine building permits.  

The Wisconsin Telephone Company increased the number it serves by 41,600 to reach a total of 835,000. The system receives an average of 3,750,000 calls a day. The phone company spends on average $2,000,000 a month on construction and improvements.

Named Co-Editors for the 1955 edition of the “Alumni News” are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kindler, both KHS graduates. They are pictured with their daughter Christine Ann.

April 8, 1955
John Deno, 83-year-old retired Kaukauna businessman, has not missed going to an election day but only once since he reached voting age.  

April 13, 1955
Elmer Vandenberg with a 248 game and 560 series topped the members of the KC bowling league on April 6 at the S&B.

According to word received by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lappen, Bill Lappen who helped to pitch the Kaukauna Galloping Ghost baseball team to a State Championship in 1953 has been signed with a class “D” ball club in the south, the Donalsonville Indians. The team is a subsidiary of the Chicago White Sox.

Kaukauna High School journalism society paused outside of the offices of the Kaukauna Times for a photo. Left to right front row are Charles Lieding, Mike Walsh, Sue Berens, Belle Golden, Judy Kiffe, Jean Sachs, Sue Lewandowski, Cecelia Bouche, Lucille Gerig, Donna Wyro, Lois Van De Loo, Naomi Carnot, Judy Ditter and Sarah Brenzel; second row Tom Hennes, Nancy Mathis, Jim Rausch, Janice Chevalier, Jerry Schubring, Tom Trettin, Janice Welter, Joan McGinnis, Janice Woelz, Margaret Ludvigsen, Jane Wouters, Dorothy Ferrige, Rosalie Powell, Sue Skibba, Sonia Voet, Elizabeth Kessler and Mary Bachhuber; Third row, Tom Kerscher, Alicia Hennes and Marie Bauer, back row David Ludke and Gretchen Rohlf.

With the announcement Tuesday morning of the 80 to 90 percent effectiveness of the new Salk polio vaccine, interest was increased. City nurse, Mrs. Thomas Pearman announced that of the 568 forms sent to parents of first and second graders 459 have been signed and returned  to receive the Salk serum.

April 15, 1955
Sam Dubow, Kaukauna High School’s head football coach, Wednesday afternoon announced his resignation effective at the end of the current school term. Dubow has been head coach since 1952.

Boy Scouts from Troop 31 under the direction of Scout Master Jack Verbeten worked with a volunteer group of Fox Valley golf club in the transplanting of fifty evergreen trees on the course Saturday.

April 20, 1955
Keith Head, Kaukauna’s favorite young boxer, Saturday night took his eight-straight win in as many starts when he fought Robert Waite of Waukesha at Fond du Lac at the YMCA sponsored event. Fred Barribeau, former coach at KHS, was in Head’s corner during the bout. Another Kaukauna lad, Bobby Lamers, fighting at 131 pounds, took his match  in a decision over Don Oneson of Sheboygan. The upset of the evening came when Russ Bishop, a former Kaukaunan, took a decision over Carl Schwendler of Appleton who won the 175-pound novice boxing crown earlier this year.

April 22, 1955
Dave “Hawg” Hanner, veteran defensive tackle, has signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers. Coach Lisle Blackbourn disclosed that Hanner who has soared to 280 pounds must prune his weight to 250 by the time he reports to Stevens Point training camp.

April 27, 1955

The Tennessen brothers, Bill and Louis paused temporarily in the cleaning out operations at the Farm Equipment Company on Second street to pose in front of the building where they maintained their blacksmith shop and farm equipment building for more than 30 years. The building was recently sold to Henry Carstens and Son who operate the grain elevator to the rear of the building.

April 27, 1955
Class representatives for the Junior Prom were chosen last week. Paul Sager and Ida Peterson for the senior class; King and Queen Joe De Bruin and Joan McGinnis for the junior class; Karl Frank and Mary Lou Berens for the sophomore class and John Rogers and Darlene Vandenbroek will represent the freshmen class.

The swearing in of four new lady police officers for Kaukauna took place at city hall with Karl Marzahl administrating the oath, while chief of police Harold Engerson looks on. Left to right are Engerson Mrs. William Weyenberg, Mrs. Melvin Skalmusky, Mrs. Joseph Mayerl, Mrs. Dan Van Linn and Marzahl. The ladies assumed their duties as crossing guards.

The Brownies inside of the entrance of the Times Office left to right, front row, Rosemarie Pieters, Mary Zarter, Susan Garvey, Pat May and Sharon Stecker; second row, Janice Nussbaum, Lynn Heindel, Pamala Hartzhein, Betty Boyd, Mary Jane Vande Hey and Mary Lee Oliva; third row Frieda Jeske, Linda Morgan, Susan Patterson, Karen Van Dyke and Shirley Van Vonderen and standing behind the girls is Mrs. Victor Pieters, the troop leader.

Sergeant and Mrs. James J. Wagnitz were witnesses of an accident in which a soldier and his wife were killed at a trailer park near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Monday. The couple, friends of the Wagnitz, were flying a kite when the string touched a high power electric line. The couple were enveloped in a ball of flame. The Wagnitz’s, in an effort to help the couple, suffered burns and shock.

Staff Sgt. Robert Strom, Kaukauna, received a gold wrist watch from Brigadier General Augustus M. Minton, deputy base commander, in recognition for being named “Chanute’s Airman of the Month” Sergeant Strom was honored for his fine work in the hospital Neuropsychiatric Department of the 3345th Chanute USAF, Ill.

Donald Van Wychen, Kaukauna, is completing his Air Force basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. He will be now leave for an Air Force base in Illinois to attend an engineer’s school.

Ronald W. Jakl, Kaukauna, is completing Air Force military training at Lackland Air Force base, San Antonia, Texas.

A/B Kenneth C. Schumann is home on furlough and will leave for Chanute Field, Ill.

2nd Lt. William O. Glaff, Kaukauna, is among 26,000 soldiers slated to participate in Exercise Apple Jack in May at Yakima Firing Center, Washington.

Pvt. Leroy W. Romenesko of Kaukauna has arrived in Germany. He left the states from Camp Kilmer, N. J. on March 17.

Staff Sergeant Jerome Kaufman, stationed at Francis Warren Air Force base at Cheyenne, Wyo., is home for a two week leave.

Army Pvt. David J. Gatz, Kaukauna, is a member of the 507th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion at Honshu, Japan.

Eugene Miller, Kaukauna, enlisted in the Army Ordnance Corps five years.

William J. Flynn, aviation electronics technician third class USN reported to duty with the Air Transportation Squadron at Alameda, California.

Pvt. David A. Ristau, Kaukauna, arrived in Germany on March 30. He is stationed as a clerk-typist in the personnel section of the U, S. Army Hospital at Land Stu Hl, Germany.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Time Machine Trip to April 1918

April 5, 1918
Kaukauna’s red hottest election in years on Tuesday resulted in the re-election of Mayor C. E. Raught by a majority of 88, of James Mc Fadden as treasurer by a plurality of 214, and of N.D. Schwin as assessor by a plurality of 69 votes.

The Kaukauna Public Library reports that citizens have thus far contributed 224 books for the use of our soldiers and sailors. Citizens are asked to contribute books until the war is over.

“I claim exemption for my son John on the grounds that he is the durndest coward that ever lived, the laziest skunk that you ever heard of and I am ashamed to own him,” “I am sixty-one years old and the old woman is fifty-nine,” continued his father, “Big as he is, I can lick him with one hand tied, and so can his mother.” “But if you can make anything of him by training him in the army, then put him in the ranks and make him do his duty.”

April 12, 1918
Going at rate of speed said to have been about sixty-five miles an hour the motorcycle on which Mike Pennick and Ervin Weber were riding near Little Chicago road on Thursday night struck a bump in the road and threw them into the ditch. Both suffered painful bruises and the machine was wrecked.

L.M. Mann, engineer at Oshkosh, has given notice of the opening of the navigation season on the Fox and Wolf rivers. Monday, April 15.

April 19, 1918
400 gasoline tractor drivers and 150 truck drivers are needed at once for the war service. Applications should be made for early overseas tank units.

A stranger might have thought early this morning that there was a circus in town there were so many people and automobiles about and all headed one way. Kaukauna was taking a half holiday to say good-bye to thirty-eight selected men who left for Camp Grant, Illinois.

April 26, 1918

John Barleycorn has raised his prices. Hereafter it will cost a bit more to have a cup of kindness for o lang syne. The new price schedule adopted by the saloonkeepers of Kaukauna, who were forced to follow the actions of dealers throughout the country. Effective May 1, 1918:
Whiskey per drink…15c
Brandies……………15c - 20c
Scotch, Gin………….25c
Wines……………….10c and up
Bottled beers……….15c – 20c

The poor army censor gets blamed for lots of things - - - for cutting out the most interesting parts of soldiers’ letters for instance. But a Kaukauna girl got a letter from somewhere in France with a procession of “x’s”. She blamed the censor for that. As she says her “friend” didn’t put the mystic symbols there.

The city was taken by surprise this week when W. B. Montgomery, superintendent of the Kaukauna Utility and light plant, resigned the office he had held and so ably filled for the past thirteen years. The Utility commission was slow to accept Mr. Montgomery’s resignation and vainly tried to persuade him to reconsider the matter.

A stranger might have thought early this morning that there was a circus in town there were so many people and automobiles about and all headed one way. Kaukauna was taking a half holiday to say good-bye to thirty-eight selected men who left for Camp Grant, Illinois.

The Dodge County Banner, which has been published in the German language for the past twenty-four years, appeared on Friday of this week printed in the English language. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Time Machine Trip to April 1908

April 3, 1908
The Thilmany Pulp and Paper Company, always abreast of the times in the line of improvements and latest mechanical appliances has just installed sixteen electrical motors driving nearly all their small machines in all parts of the mill, including the printing department.

Gov. Campbell of Texas was visited the other day by an escaped convict. Will Garner. who presented affidavits to show that he was not guilty of embezzlement, on which he was found guilty and sent to prison for two years. Garner says after his escape he walked 700 miles, where he obtained the documents and then walked another 500 miles to the governor’s home in Austin. The governor expressed his admiration for the man’s grit and paid his fare back to the penitentiary, where he will await a pardon which will be issued to him in a few days.

Three Kimberly people were carried over the Kimberly dam Thursday afternoon. While crossing the river by boat one of the oars was torn loose from the boat. The occupants clung to the sides of the boat and were rescued at the foot bridge below the dam. 

April 10, 1908
Work was resumed at the new electric power plant with a crew of about 30 men. This number will be doubled before the end of the month. The greater part of this week spent in disposing of the water. A mammoth pump was installed to empty the tailrace immediately below the wheel pit which has been full of water since operation ceased about fall.

The Wisconsin Telephone Company is investigating a new device which is claimed to prevent the deafening noises transmitted to patrons while using the phone, the trouble is due in the instances to the rule, which requires the operator to ring a certain length of time on each call. When the subscriber put the receiver to his ear, before the ringing was concluded the painful sounds are received in the ear.

April 17, 1908
Eight years ago, the Kaukauna High School was placed on the accredited list of the state university. This meant that its graduates could enter that institution without examination. The school has been inspected annually and retained its accreditation. At a convention in Chicago a few years ago there was formed an association of fourteen states to raise the standards of high schools, colleges and universities. The local high school was approved on this list, which means that its graduates may enter any school in these fourteen states without examination. Out of 300 high schools in Wisconsin only 59 high schools are on this list.

The fire department was called out about 6 o'clock Sunday morning for the first time since January 5. During that interval, which is one of the longest in the history of the city, there was not even so much as a chimney fire. The alarm was turned in from William Hyland's residence, the roof of which supposed to have caught fire from a spark from the chimney. The damage resulting was estimated at $25.

Mayor Julius Kuehn
The Kaukauna Sun says: “The new mayor delivered a short inaugural address in which he outlined his policy for the coming year. He criticized the former administration severally for expenditures made and which he claims had brought little results. He said too much had been spent for salaries. There will be reductions in city salaries coming”. His honor Mayor Kuehn then turned on a cool draught and made the audience turn up their coat collars with words to this affect.  “We have been hit hard in the last year and the town is in bad condition; why you could shoot a cannon up our main street most any time without hitting a soul. Half the buildings are vacant, and our merchants are starving to death”.

All those having empty beer bottles belonging to the Pabst Brewing company which were found during house cleaning are requested to notify J. H. Corcoran by telephone or mail at once.

April 24, 1908
Photographer, W.M. Richardson is mourning the loss of 19 plates. Before going to dinner, he placed the rack where the plates would have an opportunity to dry and when he returned he found that the wind had swept the whole outfit into the river. In order to replace his loss, it will be necessary for Mr. Richardson to have his patrons sit a second time.

Mrs. Olga Bergerman of Hibbing, Minn., was awarded a verdict of $4,750 for a kiss. She was a tenant of Jacob Kitz of Hibbing and claimed that he kissed her by force when he called to collect the rent. Kitz’s defense was he claimed blackmail.

Faith Smith has been selected as valedictorian and Hugo Ringlund as salutatorian of this years’ Kaukauna High School graduating class.

When a policeman called at a residence in Fond du Lac the other afternoon he found the man he was looking for in an unusual condition. He was tied hand and foot and was lying on the floor of his residence. Near him stood two women who had objected to the man being drunk and when he created at disturbance they promptly tied him up. The police untied his feet and took him off to the station.

Charles Bowens of Elton is charged with dynamiting trout in the Evergreen river near Elton. He appeared in court in Antigo and plead not guilty. It is claimed that Bowens set off a charge of dynamite in a pool in the river and slaughtered a large number of fish.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Time Machine Trip to April 1948

April 2, 1948
Thirty-four candidates answered the first baseball call sent out by coach Asher Shorey Thursday afternoon. There will be eleven returning veterans from last year’s squad including three pitchers, Don Lemke, Bob Berghuis and Pat Lehman.

The Kaukauna High School Boxing Ghosts eked out a slim victory over a bunch of fighters from Shiocton. Coach Fred Barribeau came up with an ace in the hole in the person of Cliff Hinkens who took an unexpected win over one of the top fighters of Shiocton.

Don Kappell a private in the army is stationed with the 32nd tank battalion at Ft. Knox, Ky.

April 7, 1948
Phil Zwick, Wisconsin’s state featherweight champion, will step in the ring for the first time in nearly two years when he will square off tomorrow evening against ranking lightweight Al Gomez in Oshkosh. If he is victorious he will guarantee the world’s featherweight champion Willie Pep $10,000 for the right to enter the ring against him.

By a vote of 2309 to 629 Kaukauna voters rejected the proposal to change their form of city government to the manager system here yesterday.

In one of the hardest fought boxing matches ever presented in the Kaukauna gymnasium, St. John’s Little Chute and Kaukauna High school battled to a 5 ½ to 5 ½ draw last night. The winners were: Roger Vander Wyst LC., Jim Peerenboom LC., Joel Birkenmeyer Kau., Jim Van Dinter LC., Dave Kilgas Kau., Cliff Hinkens Kau., Roger Jansen LC., Dave West LC., Marvin Romenesko LC., Hugo Vande Yacht Kau., and Bob Roloff Kau.

Cliff Hinkens and Mark Kalupa were named co-captains for next year’s Kaukauna High School basketball team at a meeting of players held Friday.

April 9, 1948

Mayor Joseph Bayorgeon unopposed poled up 2357 votes which makes possible a record for a Kaukauna mayor. The last man to run unopposed was Charles Raught in 1922.

The remains of Aviation Ordnance Man Third Class Charles M. Van Camp of World War II deceased member of the Navy from Little Chute are being returned by Military guard from overseas for final burial in Little Chute. Van Camp’s body was interned in a military cemetery in the British West Indies. Mr. Martin Van Camp, of Little Chute, had requested his son’s body be returned home.

Air routes to blockaded Berlin – Map shows, via arrows, the route used now to transport supplies to British and American forces in the Russian blockaded city of Berlin. The Russians have stopped virtually all rail transportation.

Jean Biselx, sophomore mezzosoprano was awarded a first place at the vocal music audition held at Menasha Saturday. She was the only Kaw vocalist so honored and the only one eligible for further competition.

James E. Bambery was elected president of the Kaukauna Rotary club Wednesday at a meeting at the Ritz. Harry F. McAndrews was chosen as vice-president. 

April 14, 1948
To reign as his queen at the annual junior prom April 30 King Gene Schiedermayer as chosen Jean Sager. The theme of this year’s prom is “A Dream”.

Harold Wirth took an early swim in the Fox River when his outboard motor boat overturned near Tourist Park Saturday morning. Wirth was testing the new motor when the accident occurred. He was in the water for about 15 minutes before he was rescued.  He is in good condition and the boat was not damaged.

April 16, 1948
Gene Schiedermayer and Gerry Lizon were elected co-captains of the 1949 Kaukauna High School boxing squad Wednesday afternoon. Eight seniors, nine juniors, two sophomores and one freshmen were also named by Coach Fred Barribeau as letter winners.

Phil Zwick, Kaukauna’s favorite fistic son, overcame one of the biggest tests in his long ring career when he flattened ranking lightweight Alvin Gomes in the third round of a scheduled ten round bout in Oshkosh Thursday evening. A capacity crowd of 4,000 fans witnessed the fight with over 1,000 being turned away at the door.

April 28, 1948
First Lieutenant Clifford Kalista was recently awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his gallantry in action in Germany while a member of K Company in April of 1945. Kalista is at present a pilot assigned to the Seventh Division.

The villain on the Wolf River isn’t the army of sportsmen with hook and line. The enemy of good fishing is the bullhead, catfish, lawyer fish and carp. If nothing is done according to Ralph Hanson of New London commercial fishermen, the game fish will be gone within 10 years.

April 30, 1948
The Kaukauna High School Quill and Scroll society will be named the “Cletus P. Goetzman Chapter.” It was through Clete’s efforts that the Lions club and the student’s journalists get together for a dinner. Goetzman, as editor of the of the Kaukauna Times, had placed stories from the Broadcaster in the Times. He died Easter Sunday of this year.

Marion Francis of Kaukauna, nationally known singer, chats with Arthur Godrey following her appearance on his talent scout show. She was declared winner over three other contestants by the studio audience.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Time Machine Trip to April 1899

April 7, 1899
Election Day has come and gone again in Kaukauna, and both sides have sufficient reasons to feel victorious. The day passed uneventful, there being but little of usual election excitement in evidence. Frank M. Charlesworth, republican nominee for mayor, went in defeating D. A. Titus with a majority of 72 votes.

There is a lively demand for hay just now, and farmers are bringing it to town as fast as they can be considering the roads.

When a girl is in love that is her business. When a young man is in love that is his business. But when they contemplate marriage it then becomes my business to supply them with their wedding shoes and slippers. J. G. Fechter.

April 14, 1899

On Saturday last J. A. Hawes transferred to Dr. H. B. Tanner all interest in the Corner Drug Store on the corner of Main Avenue and Second street. The Dr. is now sole owner of that establishment. The ownership again reverts to a Kaukauna resident and this time goes into strong hands. Dr. Tanner’s success as a businessman has long since passed the point of being questioned.

Mr. Oscar Thilmany, of Thilmany Pulp & Paper mills, commenced   operations Thursday to build a new and much larger office, underneath which will be another beater engine room, and still below in the lower story a tank room. The new building is to be of stone, three stories in height, and 32x48 feet in dimensions ground measure.

The Athletic Association of Kaukauna High School is now a member of the Inter-scholastic association, which organization they joined Monday and under whose rules they will participate.

The name of Frank Landreman, son of our townsman Eli Landreman, was enrolled among the wounded in one of the battles in the Philippines April 5. The telegraphic news did not tell how badly he was injured and Mr. Landreman is anxiously awaiting news from Manilla.

An exchange recently printed an item to the effect that a certain resident, whose name was not given, had better stop kissing his hired girl or he would be exposed. Twenty-seven residents gave themselves away by call on the editor and threatening to thump him if he didn’t retract.

St. Louis, Mo. - A decision was rendered by Judge Peabody the other day that under certain conditions a husband has the right to beat his wife. “There are times when a wife irritates her husband to such an extent that he cannot control himself and uses his hand or fist. As long as not serious harm is done I don’t believe he should be punished.” The case was one where a husband was charged with beating his wife because she would not agree with him in the management of their children.

The “98 model “Iver Johnson” tandem that Joe Wittmann is offering for sale at $50 is a bargain.

April 21, 1899
Every indication tends to show that the fishing in Lake Winnebago this season will be the best that has been known for many years. The good fishing promised is the result of the enforcement of the law prohibiting net fishing in the lake and its tributary streams.

April 28, 1899
The curfew bell rings each evening now at 9 o'clock, at which time all children are expected to be off the streets and at home.

Another old soldier is laid to rest. William A. Michels, aged 55 years, was buried at the Wrightstown cemetery, in charge of Paul H. Beaulieu Post, of which he was a member since 1893. He served in the 14th Illinois Cavalry during the rebellion. He spent about three months in Andersonville prison, from the effects of which he never fully recovered.

A love story comes to our attention. It happened that a young man loved a beautiful young girl whose parents did not reciprocate his affection. He secured a wagon and few friends, drove up one night and rushed the house. The girl was wrapped in a blanket and brought out and whisked away. After distancing himself from the house, he drew back the covering from her face. The features were those of the girl’s mother. 



Saturday, March 31, 2018

Time Machine Trip to March 1968

March 1, 1968

Dennis Spice, senior forward for the Kaukauna high school varsity team, was named to the 1967-68 all conference Mid-Eastern first team yesterday. Spice was one of two unanimous selections to receive first place honors. Two other Ghosts received honors Dick Carstens was named to the second team all-conference and senior Ron Vock was an honorable mention selection.

Don Andrews was the leading scorer on the Kaukauna junior varsity cage team under coach Harold Kobin this season. Don scored 191 points in 18 games. Most improved player award went to Grant Grebe while Steve Dreier received the best defensive player honors.

March 6, 1968
Record kilowatt hour sales highlighted the report of 1967 of the Kaukauna Electric Utility, according to figures released by Norbert Rhinerson, utility manager. The utility had record sales of $992,766.29. This is an increase of 87.5 percent over the past ten years. The utility also reported that in 1967 they paid out $86,189.47 in property taxes and donated $50,000 to the city in 1967.

March 8, 1968
The Kaukauna common council this week authorized the interconnecting power hook-up between Kaukauna, Menasha and the Wisconsin Michigan Power Company. Under the plan, Menasha would sell surplus power to Kaukauna to postpone major investments in new equipment.

Al Borchardt and Tom Giordana were elected co-captain of the 1967-68 championship freshmen basketball team and Borchardt was named most valuable player and best team player. Giordana shared honors with the highest field goal and free throw accuracy percentages. Leon Franzke was named the top defensive player for the year and leading in scoring and rebounding for the team.

March 13, 1968
The Rev. Msgr. Aloysius J. Wycislo, auxiliary bishop of Chicago, was named recently by Pope Paul VI as eighth bishop of the 100-year-old Catholic Diocese of Green Bay. The 59-year-old Chicagoan will succeed the late Bishop Stanislaus V. Bona to the post.

Charles E. Heindel, of Kaukauna, writes from Vietnam where he is serving with a river assault group in the Mekong Delta. Charles twin brother Richard is currently recuperating at Great Lakes Naval Base from a wound received in combat. His older brother Peter has been in the Navy for the past eight years. Charles says the assault boat is fifty feet long, lightly armored and travels at terrific speeds.

March 15, 1968
Lance Cpl. James Allen Corey, 20, Kimberly died in the U. S. Naval hospital in Guam on March 2 after being injured in Vietnam on February 8. Corey graduated from Kimberly high school in 1966. He entered the U. S. Marine corp. on December 27, 1966 and left for Vietnam September 6, 1967.

The Kaukauna high school Varsity Wrestling team. Front row left to right, Mike Pomeroy, Dan Rogers, Don Bloy, Paul Peters, Gary Gartman and Dan Siebers. Second row, Steve Van Schyndel, Terry Van Wychen, Nick Kuhn, captain Dick Huss, Sam Beach, Dan Femal and coach Don Jensen.  

Don Jensen, Kaukauna High School wrestling coach, turned in his resignation Wednesday morning. Jensen will continue teaching Physical Education and will also remain coach of the cross-country squad. He coached wrestling at Kaukauna for four years with a 34-19-3 record.

Coach David Hash will be the recipient of a Certificate of Merit from the Wisconsin Coaches Association on March 16 at their annual meeting in Madison. Coach Hash will receive the award for guiding the Kaukauna Volleyball Team to the State Championship this year.

Sturgeon spearers in 1968 registered 21 sturgeon during the 28-day spearing season on Lake Winnebago. The 1968 season is the poorest season on record with the previous low in 1959 when 221 sturgeon were speared.

Sp4 Arthur J. Haen was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge of distinction for the fighting soldier. Sp4 Haen is serving in the army near Pleiku, Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Calvary as a rifleman.

Army Pvt. David L. Berghuis, Kaukauna, is currently assigned to the Army Training Center, Armored at Fort Knox, Kn., to receive his basic training. After his initial training he will receive advanced individual on-the-job training to qualify him in a specialized military skill.

First Lt. Gerald R. Haen, Kaukauna, who was injured in a training exercise in Vietnam, is a patient in a Denver military hospital where he will receive skin grafts on burns to his hands.

March 20, 1968
Forty-two candidates are competing for places on this year’s edition of the Kaukauna High School baseball team under the direction of head coach Dave Hash. Hash and his assistant coach Harry Wilson will choose a team with an array of talent. Five seniors are out for the team. They are Mike Grogan, Tom Heiting, Ken Kappel, Kurt Luedtke and Bruce Specht.

Seaman Apprentice Thomas P. Collins, USN, 19, Kaukauna, has graduated from the Navy Basic Training Center at Great Lakes, Ill.

Pvt. Robert C. Arnold, Kaukauna, has been assigned to the 16th Artillery in Germany. He received his basic training at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and attended artillery school at Ft. Sill, Ok.

Sergeant Carlton F. Schmitt, Kaukauna, is on temporary duty at Anderson AFB, Guam. Sgt. Schmitt, a Strategic Air Command material specialist, supports B-52 Stratofortress aircrews who fly daily bombing missions against Viet Cong targets in Vietnam.

Shoulder safety belts now available on 1968 automobiles should be bought and used by all motorists, according to safety officials for the Wisconsin Division of American Automobile Association.

Sp4 Joseph M. Wildenberg, Little Chute, was visited by Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr at the U.S. Army Hospital, Camp Zama, Japan. Starr was on a USO Tour of U.S. Forces Hospital with other professional football players. Sp4 Wildenberg is assigned as a reconnaissance specialist with the 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam.

March 22, 1968
Spring is in the air and the golfers of KHS are seeking to improve on their .500 season last year. Coach Gene Ploetz welcomes back four returning lettermen and a crop of underclassmen hopefuls this week. Returning from last year’s squad are John Kuchelmeister, Mike Derus, Steve Wildenberg and John Rausch.

Airman Timothy J. Gerharz, Kaukauna, has completed basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. He is currently attending school as a security policeman.

March 27, 1968
Approximately 100 Kaukauna Legion Auxiliary and Post No. 41 members and guests celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the American Legion with a Birthday Party at the Hub bar Saturday. Cmdr. Norman Meinert introduced the Pres. of Legion Auxiliary Mrs. N. Meinert who conducted the program. 

Kaukauna’s oldest and first, service station came down last week for a new one that will be erected on the same site. Located on the northwest corner of Main Avenue and Third St. The new site will be operated by Oscar Jahns and Randy Franzke along with a car wash.  (Picture from 1910)